I'm f****** sick of..

I'm sick of everybody calling me fat! It's not like I f****** try to be. I eat healthy and I exercise, I just can't ever f****** loose weight. Say what you want but I know what I put in my body. Im sick of going to an endocrinologist and having them tell me to eat right when I f****** do and they tell me they don't know why I'm not loosing weight BULLSHIT I'm a 16 year old that already graduated as salutatorian. Im not f****** stupid, i don't lie either...So F*** EVERYONE for hating me when I was a kid just because I was fat. F*** EVERYONE who thinks I just sit at home and watch tv and eat. Just F*** everyone I don't give a s*** anymore.

Jul 4, 2011

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  • F*** it man i couldnt lose my fat either so i lifted weights and now i can bench 350 lbs 10 times. i may be fat but im strong so f*** with me and i will rip you apart. im solid muscle Now. it works for me no one will mess with you if you can beat there scrawny 150 lb a****. your a big guy get strong theyll stop messin with you

  • stop being fat and lazy; and why dont you get a job?!

  • i bet it's a thyroid problem.

  • If you're a girl there are lots of chubby chasers out there willing to give you a go or two. If you're a guy, welcome to a life of video games and smelly clothes.

  • People get fat for one reason. Their calorie intake is greater than their calorie burn rate. Period.

  • Wrong. He/she could have a thyroid problem, which would s**** with his/her metabolism... It could have nothing to do with calorie intake or the amount he's/she's burning. If he/she really isn't taking in more calories than are being burned and his/her weight isn't changing then a trip to the doctor is in order.

  • How is my statement wrong? If you have thyroid gland dysfunction that effects your metabolism, you are dealing with a lower burn rate. Hypothyroidism is easily diagnosed with a simple blood test, and is easily treated with a hormone prescription. Whether or not that's a factor in this fatty's situation is unknown. Nevertheless, my statement is still a fact: People get fat for one reason. Their calorie intake is greater than their calorie burn rate. Period.

  • Uh, moron? Do some research. Besides, we all know someone who eats like a horse and hardly ever gets off the couch and weighs nothing, so it's not like the opposite can't exist. Sorry to burst your little bubble, precious. Find a better hobby than concern trolling, it makes you ugly. Excuse me, ugliER.

  • F*** them. Keep exercising, get stronger, be stronger. They don't know s*** about being fat, about feeling broken, f***'em and their opinions. Fight the power, just find who you are and power through.

  • Well she's the older sister...not the younger one
    Though u are right Its not like I'm trying to get pity I just get angry that she's so dramatic and yet if I were to complain once about it I would be told to "stop complaining"....

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