Anime P***

Ive watched anime p*** and enjoy it. I even enjoyed the "rape" scenes (which are really common in anime p***.)

It wasn't the brutal beat girl up and violently rape her sort of thing... but more of the being more forceful then you should be and she sorts of lets you do want you want sort of thing.

I have the deepest respect for women and would never do anything to overstep my boundaries. I just feel guilty that I pleasured myself to such a thing.

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  • I honestly think it's normal for a guy to enjoy such scenes, provided he never, ever acts it out or thinks it's ok in real life. I admit to enjoying some rape or near-rape scenes in movies, but, also know my limits and won't watch if it's too violent.

    It's a force and dominance thing more than anything. Just keep it in check.

  • I should make you into a anime boy,and make you get raped by anime girl' would you fell about that.not eating,not sleeping not going to the washroom.just getting F***ed all the would you feel about it??????.ohhhh yes,you will be punched and kicked in the ball until you pass out after the you will never forget about it.My name is Johanna,and i f***ing hate you.

  • Im a dude and its cool bro

  • I also thing it's totally hot (I'm also a girl, haha!)

  • Haha I agree with the 2 above comments, and I'm a girl too xD

  • Don't. I'm a girl and I think that's totally hot.

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