I want to talk to you about your confession/secret

My name is Nazia I work as an associate producer on a New York city talk show and I want to hear from you if you have secret/confession that you want to tell someone, we are not a raunchy show that wants to exploit people or make your secret a crazy spectacle we just want to hear from you and hear you and what you have to say, if you do not live in New York we will fly you in, give you money for meals, and give you a really nice hotel room near our studios that goes for whoever will be coming on the show as well.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get something off their chest and needs to be in a different environment.

Please email: Ndefrank@billcunninghamshow.com
or call: 212-419-7447



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  • Sounds scammish.

  • I don't trust Nazia. Her name sounds like she's a spy or a wicked prison matron. I wouldn't trust her with my jockstrap let alone intimate details of my life. On the other hand, anyone named Nazia might be good in bed.

  • By the way N***, you should let people know Cunningham is the guy John McCain disowned after he kept referring to Obama by his full name, Barrack Hussein Obama, at a campaign rally. He loves conflict, but not on the Jerry Springer level. It's exploitation more of the Maury variety. But people who want to go from here and give national exposure to their affair with their mom/sister/dog fetish/secret cutting/affairs etc. should drop a note to the Third Reich chick.

  • Your name is Nazia, really? Man your parents must have been some cruel a*******. I don't give a s*** if it's some foreign derivation of some common name pronounced Nazy-a it's totally f***** up. I don't care if it's a proud family name, it's totally ass-wipe material. It's like getting a swastika tattooed on your f****** forehead. Sucks to be you.

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