I want my cute white wife to f*** a big dicked black man

My wife is so prime and proper. I would like to see her really get a hard, deep, fast, s******* by a young nice looking black man who would have no mercy on her tight little white puss and not stop until he is completely satisfied. She says she would NEVER let a black man have her, so that is one of the reasons I would like to WATCH it happen and witness her having a lot of climaxes.

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  • There is a shockingly growing percentage of men and women that are into situations like this. Thankfully, for every weird type of one, there seems to be a willing partner ready to venture with them into the same things.

  • tthere's this p*** website...
    well this is the address to a gay p*** site i like, but somewhere on the page, they have a link to a straight p**** site.

    once you get on the straight p*** site, search for insane c*** brothers

    they're 2 black men with monster size c**** and f*** women. i like looking at it myself. never knew penises got that big... please note: i'm a lady...
    here is the site.


  • Be careful what you wish for.

  • Your little nauseating, putrid comment says everything about you.You cannot please your wife, you want to try to degrade her, and you want her to be raped!! And to add more disgusting vomit to your misogyny you want to watch! Hope she finds out EXACTLY who you are BEFORE it's too late!

  • Where ya at? I'll hit it.

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