My Husband Is Trying To Get Me To Have S** With His Friend

It started with bedroom fantasies. One night when I was in bed on my hands and knees sucking my husband's c*** he asked how would I like to get f***** from behind while sucking his c***. I don't know why. But that made me real h****. Everytime we had s** after that he would bring up that fantasy and get me even hotter and make me suck his c*** harder. Then one night while I was on my hands and knees sucking my husband's c*** he said imagine Charles, his friend, f****** me from behind. At first I just faked being aroused. I just couldn't imagine f****** Charles. Several s** sessions later, it got to me. I got so hot thinking about a threesome with my husband and a real person, Charles, that I came harder than ever before, and fingered myself into a second o*****.

One time when Charles was visiting my husband told him in front of me that I was fantastic in bed and a great c*********. I got mad. Told my husband to shut his filty mouth and left the room. Later when I thought about it, I got hot thinking about my husband telling intimate things about me to Charles. My husband keeps trying to seduce me into a threesome with Charles, but I won't give in.

After a month of my husband's begging I wore a short skirt and thin blouse with no underwear on when Charles was over. My long nipples stuck out of my blouse, which embarassed me and made me hot, and made from some great s** with my husband later that night, but dressing sexy is as far as I'll go. I just can't bring myself to do an icky threesome.

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  • Oh, she's getting there.

  • He is slowly getting her there. OP should read her own post and notice the slow evolution from not thinking about it at all, to thinking it is a turn off when 1st mentioned, to getting turned on by the thought of doing it with this friend. Now he has convinced her to show his friend her t*** and p****, albeit thru thin blouse and short skirt. Next will be flashing him, then letting him touch her nipples, progressing to letting him suck her nipples and finger her and before she knows it, Charles will be f****** her hard while she sucks of her husband. And she will like it so much that she will end up seeing Charles on her own, having the best s** of her life, and her husband will regret having started this.

  • Why are people so f****** up tight about s**? Just have a threesome and lighten the f*** up.

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