Sister In-Law's B****

My wife is from a large family of beautiful, conservative people. She and her sisters are all tall, thin and very pretty. One in particular stands out. She is 20 and a bit less conservative with her attire. She has, I'm guessing a B cup and they have looked amazing for years.
Yesterday at a picnic she bent over to fix a seat next to me and I looked down her loose tank top and saw all the way down to her belly button. Her bra was white and plain but her skin was nice and tan.
Suddenly her left breast fell out of her bra cup and I saw it all! It wasn't perfect by any means but still turned me on like crazy. It hung down a lot. It wasn't very full at all. It fell out, narrowed right up and hung low. There were no tan lines and her areola and nipple was dark. She has large areolas, like her sister.
She didn't stop what she was doing and just let it dangle until she was done. She sat down, descretely fixed herself and started eating her lunch. I don't think anyone caught me gawking.

Jul 8, 2011

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  • Nothing wrong with that. My now-former sister in law, married to my ex-wife's a****** brother, was hot, fit-bodied, sexy European woman who was a sweet type, very caring, but...Knew what her body did to men, including me.

    We were at a gathering at her family's house, and "Denise", the sister in law, indulged in her one vice: smoking. Not a lot, but, once in a while, she'd have one. I followed her to the side of the house, where she lit up, and chatted with her a bit. She was wearing shorts (that really showed off her amazing legs) and a brown, low-cut tank top. Looked very sexy. We're chatting away, and she sits on a stoop as I'm standing over her, looking directly down her shirt.

    Denise smiled, noticing me leering and nearly panting at her marvelous, 36C t*** in that top, and teasingly leaned over to press the cig of the gravel to put it out. She then looked up, directly into my eyes, and joked "If I fall out, put me back in, ok?", knowing my full attention was on her t***.

    Before rejoining the others, Denise tugged her shirt down a bit more for my view, and said she didn't mind I was looking at her "like a wolf". Anytime we got together, rare as it was, I found time to mess around with her like that.

  • You are a bad bad boy. Your wife should take you over her knee and give you a spanky. That's what I do to my hubby when I catch him taking forbidden views of other women. Last time I caught him looking down a woman's dress, my sister's, I made him take off his clothes, he was so embarrassed, lol, and cater to our every whim, though none sexual. He got a h****** when my sister made him massage her feet. That stiffy cost him. I slapped it down with a ruler. P.S. A good man may be hard to find, but ladies, they are trainable.

  • Dude, quit s******* around with wimpy looks. Just f*** her and get it over with.

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