Boyfriend Wants A*** S**

I don't know what to do. My boyfriend has been pressuring me to try a*** s**. I thought I had the perfect way out. I told him he could f*** my ass after I f***** his. To my surprise he said okay and let me slide a small d**** up his ass (which I have to admit was extremely exciting for me). I had him lie on his back and jacked him off while he had the d**** up his ass. Now he wants to f*** mine and I'm afraid it will hurt too bad. I told him we should work our way into it by starting with something small (like his c*** -- just kidding!) like his finger and then work up to a toy and then when I was ready his c*** but he doesn't want to go for that. He wants to to straight for the c*** in my ass and I'm not ready. Tonight in the shower I tried soaping up my finger and sliding it up my ass but it was almost impossible to get it in there. I tried to relax but I barely got the tip of my finger inside. I could use any advice you can offer! Signed Tight Assed Girlfriend.

Jul 13, 2011

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  • A deal is a deal so you have to let him f*** you in your ass. Here is some advice,,Before you let him do it give yourself an enema and use warm water.Do it two or three times ,,It will make sure that you are nice and clean there which will make it so much more enjoyable for both of you. The enemas will clean you out but also will help relax you back there and it wont hurt as bad (Yes it is going to hurt ,,but just for a little while).When he starts pushing his c*** in push out like you are pooping and that will make it easier for him to get it in. Use lots of lube,,both outside your hole but inside as well,the more you use the better it feels. Make him go slowly ,stopping often till you can relax and get used to having a c*** in your ass.Once he is all the way in have him go slow at first before you know it you will be moaning and begging him to f*** you . Remember it might hurt at first butt the more you have your ass f***** the easier it gets and the better it feels. Make him agree to let you f*** him in the ass or he doesnt get yours and hold him to it . Something to think about,,he has agreed to let you f*** him in the ass,,but hasnt said that you cant use bigger d***** .If I were you id buy a good quality strap-on that is the same sive as his c*** . What says he shouldnt have to take a c*** the same size as the one that you are taking. He has already let you do it to him once ,,spend the money and slowly (unless he wants otherwise) buy bigger and bigger d***** and f*** his ass regularly ,I guarentee he will love it and it will give you something to use later on if you need to black mail him . .Oh pictures and videos of him being f***** in his ass are great to have if and when you need them later down the road

  • Just toughen up. A c*** up the ass ain't gonna kill ya. Ya acting like your the only b**** that's ever ahdda c*** up her ass.

  • If both of you liked it when you did him anally, be a good sport and let him do you. Maybe have some drinks first so you will be relaxed.

  • He needs to let you work up to it. When you're in the shower, have him join you and use your tongue on your a***. It's wicked fun and will help you to relax. Just make sure you have a code word that if said, whatever is currently happening at the time STOPS IMMEDIATELY! If he can't respect that, find another boyfriend.

  • Dont use soap, use lube. You should warm it up with fingers, toys, etc. Just take it slow, it may hurt at first, but soon youll love it. Make sure to make your p**** c** while he's in you, youll be hooked!

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