I m********* constantly

I constantly m********* at least 3 times a day....in the morning b4 my daughter wakes up. At nap time and before I go to bed. I can't stop...im constantly h**** my husband complain I want s** too much. I have fantasies of my husband bringing home his frieds and they all f*** me hard while I suck their c**** down my throat.What is wrong with me?


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  • There's Nothing wrong with you your just making up for what your husband deny's you, my husband went off s** sometime ago so i met my next door neighbours. husband one day he said his wife was staying at her mothers, so i invited him in for a cup of tea. all the while we were chatting i noticed him trying to look up my skirt i excused myself and went up stairs and took off my knickers and put on a very skimpy mini skirt and went and sat opposite him and as we were chatting i slowly opened my thighs and i began to notice him trying to looking at my skirt as i began to slowly open my thighs. i new he could see my shaven c*** because he was breathing heave, i also notice a very large bulge in his trousers,so undone his zip and took his c*** out and i said you were look very uncomfortable there why don't you come over and sit with me so he got up and sat down beside me and i took hold of his c*** as let my hand slip between his thighs and began to stroke his c*** and said is this for me and i began to kissed him as he slide his hand up my skirt slipped his finger up my soaking wet c*** and was frigging me. Next thing i remembered was being stretched out naked on the carpet and he was feeding his eight inch c*** in my c***. It was like being in heaven as he started to f*** me, i was saying Oh yes f*** me f*** me, so he drive his c*** all the way up my forty year old c*** and we f***** the life out of us both and he filled my womb full of his s****.We now f*** each other when ever our spouses are at work, i have told him i want his baby so now we don't take any precaution and i let him c** in me

  • I worked with and older guy for three years and every payday his wife picked him up and I thought was taken him to lunch but he came back ate out of the machine and one day I ask what do you do when your wife picks you up at lunch on pay days he said she takes me to the bank I cash my check I give her all my check money except 100.00 dollars he said I need that much for the weekend I buy a bottle of jack and the rest is for whores I believe him he had 9 kids by her and was always scratching his junk sound like a good marriage to me lol

  • Have you discussed the possibility of having a boyfriend on the side or doing MFM threesomes? I know of a couple where the female's s** drive was so much higher than the husband's that they got a steady MFM partner. Sometimes the three of them play together, but often she plays with the other guy while her husband is at work or home relaxing. He has no problem with it, as it relieved him of having to maintain an artifically high s** drive. It seems to work fine for them.

  • I am aroused all the time too. I've had the same fantasy about my husband's friends, and worse. I saw two of them naked at a pool party and I often m********* thinking about their d**** and sucking or s******* them. Seeing them naked only made the fantasy worse. I can't get it out of my mind.

  • I'm h**** all the time too. Sometimes I get so h**** it scares me because I feel like I'd let almost anybody f*** me when I'm in heat like that. A nice looking UPS guy delivered some packages to my house the other day when I was in heat. I swear even though I'm happily married, I wanted his c*** in me. He never knew it. I kept my extreme horniness hidden, but I sometimes worry I could lose control when one of those unstoppable h**** moments possesses me. It's like a curse at times. If men only knew. I'd have them pursuing me like dogs pursuing a female dog in heat.

  • if your husband is kinky like that then let hime tie you up....my husband would never actually do it he just talks...fantasy and all. I barely convince him to fck me a*** every great once in a while....i would love to be either DP or TP at least once in my life

  • Man where ARE you ladies?! My wife wants to f*** once bout every 45 days. My c*** almost burst through my pants reading these comments. I would love to find a "friend" like you girls to help tie up, lick, and f*** like s** dolls and then c** all over you and leave you for the next guy.!

  • I am in the same situation my wife acts like it kills her to have s** I have hinted to her and told her about other guys cheating on their wives and how h**** I get,,, she wasn't like this when we were dating we screwed all the time I even left and she begs me to come back we have no kids at home so it isn't that ,,they are grown after our second child it went down hill ,, if I didn't love her I would divorce in a minute I would love it if she would say find someone else to have s** with

  • I have the same problem. I'm always h**** and playing with my self and I'm married to a nice man who'd good in bed. I think I was born this way. I love to fantasize about being tied up and blindfolded and having guys f*** me. Because I'm helpless in the fantasy, I don't feel any guilt because I have no control over the hands, mouths and d**** that are ravishing me. I've never told my husband about this fantasy. He's so kinky I'm afraid he tie me up and blindfold me and let his friends have me. One of my husband's friend's saw my t*** in the hot tub. My husband pulled down my bathing suit top. It was embarrassing, and now I often catch his friend stealing peeks at my b******. I know he'd jump at the chance to play with my body if my husband tied me up and blind folded.

  • My wife is the same way. So I brought all of my friends home to f*** her hard while she sucks their c**** down her throat. Good times!

  • My wife sounds like your hubby, i understand your frustration. I would love to have someone like you at home to f***, lick, suck and do it all with. Please move to N.C. !

  • nothing s wrong. you are just my fantasy wife.

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