Dog eat

I had never been eaten before so i put peanut butter on my p**** and let my dog eat it



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  • I do this too, sometimes I hold my pee until I'm alone with my dog and let him lick my pee out, I'm so relaxed when he's licking me out that it just streams out and he loves it!

  • That's so hot...

  • Nice

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  • Guys I'm 13 years old and I sleep without underwear so I let my dog sleep with me and I woke up moaning and I looked down admit the dogs tongue was moving all through my p**** and it was pretty deep and it felt so good I could resist it feels so good and u don't need the peanut butter it relaxes me and as I'm typing this she's eating me right now .

  • Dam I wish I was there to watch

  • Wow

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  • F*** that's hot I'm 14

  • Mmmmm sounds good

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  • Hmu sometime ill do it better

  • Dog

  • I'll do it just being ur dov

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  • Omg. She won't stop until I c**. She buries her whole face down therE and can't get enough. I'm so glad she loves p****

  • U mm mm mm mm mm mm f***

  • Mmmmm my doggy loves it. She's down there right now.

  • Nmmmmm mm mm f****** love you

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  • Her nose is all up on my c***

  • Mmmmmmm

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  • My dog is making me c** right now. She's tounge deep in me

  • My dog is about to make me c** right now. She loves being tounge deep in my p****. No peanut butter needed. She will eat me until I c** every time. It feels so good. I have a boyfriend who does it to but my dog goes so fast and deep she is the one who makes me o***** by eating me. I'm about to c** so good.

  • Please tell me how I can get my female dog to do that. I've always wanted to do it with her but she still is barely interested even with peanut butter. Please help😘

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  • It feels amazing

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  • Lol

  • Did it feel good

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  • I do it too

  • Can I see?

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  • Yez

  • Yea

  • Yes

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  • My dog is eating me out right now

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  • Dam!!! I wish I cud see that live Mmmmmmmm!!! :-)

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  • You all are gross and disgusting.

  • It's a way of life. It feels amazing.

  • Frfr

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  • I kept my dog at my ex's place, and this is why I never let him lick my face.

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  • I just let my dog eat me and it was incredible. He licked my p**** and went on to my ass and i never thought I would permit this but i can't help it. i did the peanut butter but I didn't need it because he was all over my p****. Is this common for women to let their dogs go down on them?

  • I wish I was there to see that

  • Yes mine is now. At least twice a week. She LOVES it.

  • It's a lot more common than many think. There millions of women who have s** with their dogs every day--starting with licking and moving on to f******. Check out raw s**. You'll enjoy it very much! Bobby

  • Lol sound hot

  • You don't even need peanut butter. It's better without it
    Mine is eating away right now. She loves it.

  • Help please? My female dog is barely interested even when I spread peanut butter on my p****. Please help

  • I have this problem also

  • Omg yes

  • I what to know what it's like ??

  • It's soooooo good. Mine is down there now. I'm about to c** so hard

  • M I'm really h**** and would love to see you girls do this and I'll send something in return, my ki k is : bigandhardforyouxxx

  • Im a male and i wanna see a girl get eattin out by a dog so bad. SO please girls add my snapchat: german_child69 and lets play or just show me. Thank you

  • Ok i will

  • Brandona44

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  • Yong

  • Still interested in seeing this happen ?

  • Yes show me

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  • Just today I put peanut butter all up my inner thighs and up there. My dog would like it off and it felt so good, I wish he would stay down there for longer periods of time. Tell me if anyone wants to eat me out dog or male

  • You don't need peanut butter

  • Yeahh

  • Me please

  • What country?

  • I wanna eat you out ????

  • Yes i do

  • Yummy

  • I would

  • I wanns eat u

  • Would love to eat u out,Pussey is the greatest thing to me.I would lick your c***, and hope you squirt in my face and mouth.

  • Pics?

  • Sure

  • I want to get f***** by a dog it would be nice to get him to eat out my p**** aswell

  • Add me on snapchat please ... Ryan_Worsley !!!

  • Omg..I love the feel of my dogs tounge in my pyssy...and when I let him f*** my ooussy is better rhen any man or toy...he loves my p****..he comes so hard..and is always ready for me..

  • How to I get my dog to f*** me I don't think he knows how to but I think it would feel nice

  • Okay while im reading some of these comments about letting your pets eat you out, I find disturbing and half of you guys for you its probably a dark secret that you probably wouldn't come out and just tell someone that you let your dog eat your p****, so you had to go and post it. Well I will say you should feel ashamed of yourselves because you couldn't find a n**** to do it for you

  • My bf does it ALL THE TIME. so does my dog

  • Welp, i guess shes not comeing back. We are in the clear, bros.


  • Pandy im going to f****** kill you.

  • No i didnt

  • Tayyyyype o3o

  • I still dont want to take the tape off of my laptop. im scared.

  • ._. I guess that happened -Leaf

  • Ik lefi. ik. -†™£Ü¢à$™†

  • Welp. this thread will kill me. goodbye getting raped.. ;~;

  • .....i read the comments............

    What the f*** did i just read..............

  • U guys r just jealous you cant get a dog or anyting to suck ur d*** or ur p****. when I was 26 I made my dog suck my p**** and it felt so good. I was on the streets wen I found a dog was abandoned on the streets so I took him home with me. I thought it was really cute so I didn't try to find out where it's old home used to be. When
    I was sleeping I always sleep naked then the dog came under the covers
    and started to lick my p****. I woke up and pulled out the covers and the dog was there licking my p**** and I didn't stop it becuz it felt really good and I couldn't stop moaning and omg it was just the best oral ever you won't BELIVE if. I was so wet and h****, so I sucked its c*** and omg it was so good it was all red and hard and yummy. and then he put his sexy d*** in my p**** and if felt so good, and it went on for hours.'I was dripping with wetness, and I was c****** so much. It was amazing, you can't get it.


  • Can you show

  • Well um it's weird as h*** but I had a b**** throughout the entire time I was reading this thanks I guess

  • I do the same

  • Uhh. Well... At least you had fun then.

  • Wel then

  • Pls. come back! i want it!!! :(

  • Just a reminder ma'am, B********** IS Illegle.

  • Yeah well I don't care becuz well I can suck ur d*** becuz u cood b really sexy and it will be hot and you can f*** me in the ass and it will b so good and some dogs can join if u don't mind but it will b the best day of ur life and it wil be so sexy and hot

  • Id love to play with you and dogs.. msg snap is afdogg69





  • Baby u no u want it. ur getting a b**** from reading this and u might be so h**** right now that u r touching itself and it will be so hawt wen I come over to f*** u

  • I must be a great multitasker then! cas playing warthunder and masturbateing is hard to do
    (Especialy when its like, BT-7 VS T-44 and Panther-II's)

  • I hacked and saw where u live so I'm c****** for u. im a professional and I hav dun this with lots of ppl and they terned out to love it and so will u

  • Your not serious are you?

  • ................. you werent even going to come over anyway, x3

  • Hue, im invincible, i will never get raped.

    "You will NEVER, get me. <3"


  • -Victory Dance-

  • . . .

  • IM ONLY A KID ;~;

  • Report that person block them or get off this site

  • And I'll f*** u good bb don't even worry about it. I can c you with ur laptop. you try to cover it, that won't werk. u will love it so much.

  • Show ursalf.

  • I swear to god, if you show up, im calling the police.

  • No ;~;


  • WHAT THE F***

  • Also, if you will excuse me, i have some scrubs to rekt


  • You confessed a s** story to a bunch of kids.

    congradulations, you just scarred us for life.

  • I know lookas
    I know..

  • Please,, donate to the "Justice for Dogs" Fund. and save a dog from blowing its owner.

    its mans best freind

    Not mans best freind with benifits

  • That's the best comment goin haha

  • -pandei donats-

  • Thank you for your donation.

    -CEO of #JusticeForDogs, †™£Ü¢à$™†

  • Sick people its illegal for a reason

  • When i was thirteen i let my dog eat me out, and no it's not because i can't get a man (from another post) but I'm nineteen now and i still let him eat me. Feels amaazinnggg i don't think anyone should be ashamed for this, many people have done it. Don't let other people get to you and it, they're just a**holes

  • My dog is eating me now

  • Same

  • Same. Add my snap if u guys want some fun @maggie_kenzie

  • Anyone willing to send videos of their dog eating you out

  • You kinda should be ashamed...

  • What's up

  • Yall are jus sick jus cuz yall cant get no d*** tht dont mean u have to let da poor dogs do it for u if u wanna get eatin out the MAYBE GET A BOYFRIEND NOT A F***** DOG I HOPE ALL OF YALL GET SOMETHIN TBH IDGAF YALL ARE JUS SICK

  • They WANT to eat them out

  • Learn english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It feels amazing my yorkie licks my p**** deep every time he can

  • F*** me, you got snap?

  • What things can you put on it to make your dog eat you

  • Peanut butter, or just get really wet with him or her there

  • Peanut butter

  • Yess

  • I was 13 when I let my dog eat me out, she was a female. but now she has passed away and now we have a male dog, do you think he will do the same thing?

  • Yeah he will , any chance I can see it , how old r u now ?

  • Mine is eating me now

  • Same it feels soooooo good

  • So is mine

  • Yeah he probably will cos my dog is a male and he eats me out

  • He will enjoy it more than her

  • Probably, the only way is to find out

  • Hey u

  • You should snap me that's so hotttt!!!


  • H*** isn't real evolution b****!

  • H*** is real

  • Lmao

  • Holy no! What is wrong with you people. Torturing your pets???? Like what the h***? And h*** is real b****. You know how I know ? Nvm just look for everyone here when you get there. But really? Your pets don't know any better. Your just using them for a er-- uh well you know . So that's that

  • Yea if you say so

  • I just bought a male dog and I want to know should I let it f*** me and do I need to put a condom on him?. I want him to dominate my p****

  • No condoms needed and yes let him

  • Let him do it raw

  • The first time I ever allowed my dog to do it I was about 16, I will be 26 and while we no longer have that dog my boyfriend has a male dog who is a year old. When he isn't home and no one is around I can't help but let him lick me out. He constantly puts his nose by it and gets very very excited when I take my panties off and open it for him. Not only will he lick me he actually takes his tongue and sticks it in my hole to really lick deep. I know to people who haven't done it, it's sounds disgusting. But it does feel very good and I would never force the dog he always comes for it. I haven't done anything further that's really as far as I prob would ever take it.

  • Can I see

  • U should let the dog f*** u it feels so good

  • That's how mine does deep with the tounge and the nose hits the c*** and she won't stop until I c**. She loves it. Days I don't let her you can tell she wants to.

  • Can I watch

  • That's really f****** hot actually. My gf begged me to have my dog lick my d*** and to record it for her to watch. I agreed to as long as she sent one first of her chihuahua licking her. Her moans and whimpers were awesome and along with the video itself i was so hard. I rubbed peanut butter all over my d*** and called my dog to me. I was not expecting it to feel as good as it did and I came so much right in her mouth and she licked the rest off the tip. My girl loved it and so did I. Happy she had me try it. F*** yea.

  • I did to it felt so good

  • Same here it feels amazing

  • It really does

  • Snap me aguilera20

  • I just adddd you if you take videos of such things :3

  • This is something I have never admitted, til NOW. I found a small dog that was lost when I was about 20 years old. I took him into my apartment and looked for who to call to get him back to his owner asap. It was summertime and I was wearing shorts and a t shirt and this small dog would NOT stay out of my crotch while I was seated making the calls. He had a big h****** that touched the ground, that surprised me too....and he was panting HARD, relentlessly. I wondered what he smelled that was such a turn on to I got on the bed and removed my shorts and panties. He immediately jumped up on the bed and started licking my p****, before I even laid down. I laid down on the bed, he stretched out and licked me til I multi-O'd,then continued....with his hard c*** all red and hard sticking out. I did not touch it, but he licked it too, in between my p**** and that hard c***. He kept that up for over and hour, and I came so many times I had to get him to stop as he was making me sore from TOO much tongue action....WOW...unreal! I enjoyed him for days as he kept hanging around and I have to ongoing oral EVER and no one knew...MMMMMMmmmmmmm!

  • Your juice must be really good

  • Omg I thought I was the only one Im 15 my dog has been licking me for as long as I can remember I don't use peanut butter he just seems to love the taste of me he gets right in the he even licks my ass if I bend over he gets really excited and gets a bonner he if he lucky I lets him f*** me sometimes I rub his d*** on my c*** til I orgasum, let him lick your ass feels amazing and rub ya p**** at the same time mmmmmmm

  • Me and my friend have a new puppy he's about 2 and we don't know how to get him to hump us I don't think he knows how to what do we do

  • I want to watch

  • How old are you?

    Dont use the peanutbutter because it could give you a yeast infection or something. The dog will lick you with nothing there even as long as your nice and fresh.

    If its a male dog you should try and have him hump you with his d*** inside your p**** but be careful to pit it in since dogs d**** have bones in them.

  • oh and dont worry you cant get pregnant from a dog and you cant get any stds either. Only risk of sticking his d*** inside you might be some kind of infection of sorts but if you take your dog to the vet regularly it most likely wont happen.

  • FYI: Lap dogs give the best head.

  • Damn, good idea!

  • yea ik!

  • What's your next step?

  • nothing

  • Im a guy and want to see girls do this add my snapchat please if you want to show me SC: german_child69

  • I would also like to be added to any girls doing this, crazy turn on. S/c MrHolcomb. Thanks

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