2 guys are f****** me

I am going out with two guys and I didn't want to but I have let both of them f*** me. At first I felt like a s*** and never meant to be f****** two guys, not at the same time. Each guy thinks he's the only one having s** with me. Now I love how different each one feels inside of me and the size difference. Once I had a date with one of them in the afternoon and the other at nite. I sucked both their c**** that day and felt like a big s***, but I loved it. Maybe I'm c*** crazy.

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  • That is so f****** hot !!!!!

  • My girlfriend said she wants to get f***** by three guys at once. I think its kinky but I dont feel comfortable about "sharing" her. She said she felt the same way me so we kept it as a fantasy. Maybe I need d*** surgery.

  • I left my girl friend in Indonesia once to go on business to Australia for one week. Before I went I'd already set up to go out with an old girlfriend who I ended up f****** on friday night. She wanted to go out again saturday night, but I blew her off to go to the strippers with my brother. I shouted my brother, his mate and myself private shows, and the stipper that did mine, figuring I must be rich, asked for my number. I met up with her sunday night and f***** my stripper. I was the best.

  • So I'll address the white elephant in the room. Any particular reason why you haven't tried them both at the same time? I believe just about every woman deserves to be with two guys at once at least one time in her life. I think you'll find the size difference even more pleasurable if you take them on at the same time.

    My wife was dating a couple other guys when we first started dating. They were apparently larger than me as her p**** was much deeper then from being with them. The tightness was great, but I loved the deepness because it allowed us to feel when I shot my c** inside her. After a few months, her p**** shank down to accommodate me completely and we could no longer feel me c** inside her.

    She had a former girlfriend come over with her boyfriend one evening, and even though it wasn't the plan, each couple wound up f****** on separate couches in the living room. I could see the other girl's boyfriend (who my wife had been with a couple of times before we married) was much longer than me, so I encouraged my wife to go over to the other couch and get involved. Her girlfriend helped guide him inside her. She couldn't fit it all in at first, but after a couple of minutes, he was finally able to bottom out in her. After about 10 minutes, he bucked up and shot his load inside her. It was a very erotic mess, especially watching the girlfriend eat his c** out of her, but she didn't get deepened very much. I later suggested that she and the boyfriend hook up with her/us a couple of nights a week. But it never panned out because he and the girlfriend broke up soon after over something else and she didn't want to cause any animosity between them.

    You may be c*** crazy, which is perfectly fine, but I'm just not seeing s*** level here. You just love to get f*****, which is very natural. Have fun and let us know back what happens!

  • this DOES sound kinda' hot.

  • Hey when did you comment on this post by any chance?

  • I have a friend in a similar situation. She's 17. I really don't know what to say but I think they deserve to know. You never know, might end up in a threesome...

  • I can beat that. I'm a guy who was doing 3 women. My girlfriend, her kinky cousin and my girlfriend's 64 year old grandmother. Believe it or not, the granny gave me the best f******. I was having my cakes and eating them too for about 2 months until I bragged a little too much and my girlfriend found out. I was lucky to get out of that mess with my b**** intact. But for those hot 2 months I was a Player's Player.

  • no we don't believe it.

  • Its ok to enjoy that. I support you. It sounds fun actually.

  • You're OK. In fact, enjoy it.

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