I'm a lazy ass f****** man

I'm doing nothing about studies or a job or get a girlfriend. I really wish life was easier and simpler.

I would love it if I had a lot of money, a girlfriend and that I could get any job in the world. I make so many excuses and I hate responsibilities, and I'm shy too.

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  • This guy sounds alot like I was... When i left school in a massive fight that involved all of my friends I ended up with no-one. Six months went by before I started making friends again and I ended up getting into a group of junkies and dealers (unintentional very bad idea) it gave me alot of confidence but I see life as a gift now I'm "clean", have a job, have a car (300zx), and a girlfriend.

    Sometimes the s*** just has to hit the fan for you to realize that this is the real world and trust me doing nothing with your life is better than ending up tied up in all the s*** of a junkies world

  • H***! I myself am STILL THAT GUY! if i could give you any advice then it'd be to put most of your effort into not giving a damn. it's helped me get so content that i stop thinking, like meditation. the usual 'oh look at that, whats up with her?" is gone and replaced by silence. so in summary the less you care the better it feels.

  • Well then you are in for a hard, s***** life.....grow up!

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