S** s** S**

I totally had "s**" with a girl, she ate me out, fingered me, and did all the work. While, I REALLY like a guy and I want him to f****** lick me up and eat me out, but I'm scared to. (I'm 14) I dont wanna get pregnant but even the slightest thought of his tongue turns me on. He has the sweetest kisses and Omfggg I wanna bang his brains out but I'm a virgin and he's not....soooo help me!?

Jul 20, 2011

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  • ^These foos are d****. Little Miss 14, I will tell you something: You dont need help! You have the b****, so you can walk up to that guy and bang him right there on the stree, if you wanted, he wont complain. AND hes not a virgin? Losing it is tho too big of a deal physicality. You must first learn how you feel about your virginity befor you s**** him. And as for babies, its called a condom. go to the store buy a three pack for about 5 bucks. they are cool. Dont let that b****** talk you outta using it either. I have a reasonably sized p****, and I fit in pretty much any condom. So if you want to s**** him, do it, if thats what you want, but be responsible bout it. You dont sound like a lesbian, but having s** with girls will greatly reduce your chance of pregnancy, I'll tell you what!. Ive been phucking girls all my life, and I haven't gotton pregnant yet! haha.
    But really, Think about. Buy a s** toy and use that for the h**** nights. Dont Blow the guy the first time you have s** with him either. Save that for another day. You never want to do that to early. I lost my virginity at 13 or 14, s** meant nothing to me, and my virginity meant even less. I never got the chance to be a s** crazed teenager, and i regret that. I feel kind of cheated out of some teen years, to tell the truth. So Make your decision wisely, young one. I have no idea what its like in 'girl world' but I like to think I know a thing or two. I just hope my advise will help at all. Alright Little Miss 14, Be happy, be safe.

  • Man, when I was 14 I still thought boys had cooties. Kids these days, I tell ya.

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