I want hot s** with an asian lady

I read in a book Asian ladies know something called the 17 secrets of s** and do things like putting jade beads up your ass right before you c** to take you to heaven when you do. I want some of that, and that book said you've never had s** until you have been to bed with Asian ladies The book said they were natural geniuses of s** and have forgotten more about s** than other women will ever learn. I believe that. They have the hot mysterious look that tells me they know some serious s** secrets. And, wow, they have such slim, hot bodies. I would crawl over a hundred miles of broken glass for just one night with one of those queens of s**. H***, I might even move to China.

Jul 23, 2011

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  • Don't waste your time with Asian ladies. You can see by the one that posted, they have a f*** you attitude which would carry over in bed but not the way you'd like. You don't need that kind of headache. You just want to get laid by the best with no f*** yous or any bullshit. Try a hot babe from Zimbabwe. Those Zimbabwean babes can show you some exotic s*** you never even dreamed of, and do forbidden things with their money makers. No lie. Been there. Hit it.

  • The beads thing is very, very true. You'll shoot a quart of c** out. And use plenty of lube.

  • Ill bet this guy thinks asian womens p****** are sideways too, lol.!

  • She's right. It's bullshit. They suck in bed. French ladies are the ones you want to get next to.

  • You've been decieved. We're nothing like that. F*** you.

  • they are called ben wa b****

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