I Am A S***

When I was young, I had terrible self esteem issues. I still do.

I never got any attention from guys to make me feel beautiful, I felt awful watching girls my age holding hands
and going all lovey-dovey.

It didn't help that I was the quiet/shy one in class.=(

I resorted to webcams. I never showed my face fearing someone would recognize me. So my videos are always from the neck down.

I became addicted because it made me feel wanted when those random guys instantly pulled their pants down for me and have 'fun' together.

I would do it daily, after class at night...I felt good, really good that some random person found me desirable and hot.

Then all I felt was disgust because I am a virgin.
The body that my future husband was supposed to see was already seen by men whom I dont even know their names.

I want to stop but the exhilaration and the sense of being wanted is too great to surpass. =(

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  • It's easy to understand the compulsion, and the feeling like you are being wanted. But, as you know, they only want you for some fleeting carnal pleasure. As a way to break loose of your going nowhere s** game, you might put the same energy into trying to meet someone nice in the real world. Everybody makes mistakes, and it would be so liberating for you to break the chains of addiction and get a real relationship where you would be wanted for who you are and not for your body only. You are selling your beautiful self short. You, and the right guy for you, deserve more. Forget about the online pervs. Find the right guy in real world, and believe in yourself. You can do it.

  • I'm a guy with the same problem. never used to get girls when i was younger until i got braces. i started to get attention from girls and eventually found my wife.

    I recently discovered omegle and ive been showing only from the neck down. thing is that i have very nicely defined abs so i do get more attention that the average slob that just jacks off. From chubby older females to very young thin hot girls, i give them what they want to see. I love watching their expressions when i tease them with my boxers on. i thank god every day that he blessed me with great abs. girls flip out over them more than any other body part. i cant get enough, at night when the wife goes to bed i get into this mode like a stripper. its such a great rush that i cannot stop.

  • Stop doing it then, my ex-gf used to do it too. I felt disgusted in the way she did it infront of strangers. I know "some" girls might like it for excitement but have you ever asked yourself have you ever liked flashing yourself infront of others?

    If you dirty about it, then STOP IT!!! Go out and meet new friends and socialize.

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