I wanna be raped

I want a sexy guy to first kidnap me, then rape me HARD!!!!!!! do anything!

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  • Be careful what you wish for

  • True rape is not about s**.
    You want to be ravaged without your consent

  • lol, u know it doesnt always actually mean rape (for "Hope you get raped, b****")
    rape means forced against will it isn't rape if u enjoy it..
    sounds like she'd enjoy it!
    Basically wanting fun, crazy real life role play, its a fetish many have, male and female,
    I do not always h**** its quite a turn on,
    so don't judge so much, u probably have ur own secrets!

  • well, I could help.

  • It's funny until he takes a steel bar to your head knocking you semi consiously out, beating you repeadedly until your skull cracks open, blood going everywhere, and then while your brain is swelling the size of a balloon, he f**** your a****** until it rips open, mutilates your v***** until it looks like a melted stomach, and cuts your body up like he's a professional butcher, dumping your parts in an abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere.

    Hope you get raped, b****.

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