Shy S**

I am afraid to have s** with my boyfriend.
Last week, we decided we were ready to start having s**, and while I was really excited to lose my virginity, I was really nervous to actually have s**. I trust my boyfriend and I love him, and I feel comfortable showing myself to him, but I'm afraid of doing something wrong. Which is why I have been making up excuses as to why we can't just yet. Examples; I have my period, I forgot to buy condoms, I don't feel well, etc. And I think he's getting p*****...

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  • Tell him that you want to get married first. Then watch his reaction.

  • ik how you feel. but try it. it will be fun

  • Two things to concider: 1) Whether for physical, emotional, moral or religious reasons you feel it is "wrong", then giving up your virginity is not best for you now. It's not about what he wants but what is right for you. 2) If he expects you to buy the condoms, he is not showing concern for your intrest -only his. Is this who you want give your most prized possession to. Once done, you can't get it back.

  • Doesn't sound like you're ready. Don't let your boyfriend pressure you into anything.

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