Jerking off in Public

Unlike most of the people who post on this site I am NOT a 19 year old blonde with a beautiful body. What I am is a middle age women with a "Full Figure"(which means I am a little Heavy). I still enjoy s** with my Husband when we can find time from the three kids, it just isn't as often or as fast as it use to be.
Now here is my story. Last week my car needed to go into the Repair shop for some work. My husband took the car and dropped it off for me and I got his truck to do my "chores". I hate his truck, it is one of those big things that has the big tires and it sits way up high. He likes to go with the boys and drive it in the mud, I guess it is a Guy Thing. He hit a big rock last week and rather than get it fixed he uses the passenger door to get in and out. I took his truck to the Mall and rather then moving it several times I just parked in one location and made trips back and forth to the truck. On one trip back to the truck I noticed that in the car next to me was a young man eating his lunch. I didn't realize that it was noon already and had forgotten to cancel a dentist appointment. I hopped into the passenger seat and made my phone call. I looked down at the car next to me and this young man had it p**** out and was stroking himself. My first reaction was to lean on the horn and scare the s*** out of him but then he took the car key and poked a hole in the bottom of his empty drink cup. My curiosity got the better of me so I figured I would watch for a while. He pushed his thumb into the hole to make it bigger and then inserted his p**** into the bottom of the cup. His pants were pulled down below his knees and his shirt was pulled up to show off some nice abs and he must have Super Sized that meal to get his p**** to fit inside that cup. I suddenly realized we were parked near one of those Gyms and there were a number of girls walking by in those skimpy out fits they wear to workout in. I guess he was just having dessert after his Happy Meal. His left hand was squeezing his nuts and his right hand was moving the cup up and down on his erection. When one group of young girls went by I knew he "lost it" because his hips came right off the car seat. I would have loved to open my window so that I could have heard him but I didn't want to take a chance of him seeing me. He removed his p**** from the cup, used his hand to j*** himself a few more strokes to get the last few drops out, wiped his p**** head off with the napkin and then stuffed the napkin in the hole in the bottom of the cup. As he leaned over to put the cup in the empty lunch bag he looked up and our eyes locked. I was totally embarrassed and could feel my face turning red. He, on the other hand, started yelling at me, called me a pervert for watching him and then flipped me the finger and drove off. I went from embarrassed to p*****. The car had one of those number plates with the letters that spell out something so if I wanted to track him down I could. I told my husband that night and he told me he sees that all the time sitting that high in traffic. He told me it is not only the guys with their d**** out but he sees a lot of "b***** shots".
Was I wrong to watch? I feel a little embarrassed because I did enjoy it. I was just mad because he yelled at me. Did I do anything wrong?


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  • My wife would wear nylon shorts with no underwear and wear them like that for like 3 days straight. Right before she went to a store I would always f*** her from behind by just pulling the shorts aside, which was easy as the c*** would be mostly hanging out of them anyway, and she never dried her p****, so all the c** would drip into the crotch or down her legs when she went out. By the 3rd day they were not covering her hairy c*** at all as they stayed stained and smelly and were stuck up in her c*** instead of covering it. She would go to the store like that and loved when she bent over and someone would see it all from behind.
    My wife also came to our office and I could smell her scent more than normal. She never wears panties but this day she had her usual mini skirt but she had her period so she had a tampon in her. Her c*** hairs sometimes show if the skirt is really short, but the tampon string was also showing and her usual c*** smell was a bit more powerful. I told her she shouldn't walk around in public like that, but she did it anyway.

  • Going to a concert my wife had on a regular dress and as always with no panties. That morning and afternoon of the concert I f***** her and as always she left it wet and dripping down her leg. So right before leaving for the concert she changes into what was called a "T-shirt dress". Basically like a T-shirt it just about covered her ass and hairy p****. Then she bent over and I f***** her. Then she took a pee standing up, Then she went in my desk and got a girlie book and jerked off and squirted on the floor to the book. After she had an o***** and right before we left she bent over and I f***** her again, and she was so wet and open I just put it in between her legs and it slipped in easily until I came in her again. Never did she wipe her p**** and then we went to a fast food place as we didn't have time for a restaurant and she was dripping everywhere. At the concert and in the 1st row she opened her legs wide and flashed the musicians. Then on the way home I had to stop on a side street and took her outside of the car, bent her over and shot one more load in her. That was the sluttiest she ever was.

  • I j******* watching my neighbors wife walk around in panties and no bra. She is hot as h***. Funny thing she must know I look cause once her hubby is home and not working out of town blinds get closed

  • If someone is doing something in public and yes a car in a lot is public then if they can be seen it’s fair game. I have stroked myself in public and I have been caught. I don’t get off on being caught. Not at all..but it’s a risk

  • Where do you leave be? I'll do it for you anytime and never make you feel guilty about it!
    Wish there were more open minded women like you around!

  • I jerked off on a plane

  • I'd have invited you in for round 2!

  • You were right to watch. I wish you could watch me

  • You did nothing wrong. Watching is quite natural and can enhance s** later or even at the time.

  • I j*** off naked in public constantly. I love being caught by women. It turns me on. I'll sit on my back porch during some days and go at knowing I'm being watched. Love !!

  • I would have never used the cup!! I would have let you have seen the big stiff c*** in my hand. It would have grown even bigger knowing that a super sexy much older woman was enjoying

  • Your story is funny , not something you see everyday I would of watched as well so don't feel bad .

  • I would love to let you watch me. I love it

  • Omg I would've been the opposite of you and be so revolted.. I'd definitely be laying on my horn to care the s*** out of him LMAO. NO THANKS. Well, I'm sure he just freaked when he saw you so he yelled in a fit of denial, but when he got home he probably had to j*** off again just thinking about getting caught. Weirdos sure are weird, huh? Maybe it's a good thing I have trust issues about relationships, being the young adult asexual girl I am. LOL. (I guess going by the anon below me's standards, I'm not in my right mind :'''( LOL)

  • So full of you're self , 'revolted', people like are why the world is so PC and F-ed up now 'asexual and SO self important, the fact that you even need to identify a sexual 'young adult girl (definitely not a woman yet), young being key here as you have little to no real relationship experiences and yet you judge others, Self-righteous pompous little minded 'girl' and as this fine LADY pointed out she is NOT like you, and therein lays the most wonderful part of the story , she had NO NEED to be anything but a real person being real and talking a life experience that MANY others enjoy doing , unlike you and your pathetic little girls and your feeble minded friends. Grow up and learn to accept others as they are and NOT JUDGE people least you be judge for running your mouth like the child you sound like (high school maybe) please spare the rest of us you ignorant drivel , I mean you were here on this site reading this story what does that say about you? a perverted internet voyeur that's to scared to be a openly sexual, you still lets what others think of you control your actions?

  • I would watch and I like being watched. I know I would be j********** watching.

  • Gosh that sounds so hot, i dont blame you for watching any girl in her right mind would have been watching that. I envy the front row seat you got to that show.

  • I would love to. Let you watch me. I have done this many times

  • I'm glad you watched me do it... it was fun knowing that you were watching. I enjoy doing it all the time. The cup helps catch the j*** and makes clean up easier. I would have liked you to stroke it with me and squeeze my b****...maybe nextime you can c** play too!

  • I dig heavy chicks , not fat , but heavy .. they are soft to cuddle and fun to bounce off a mattress , guys , and gals who think thin is the way to be seriously do not know what they are missing .

    but yeah , the w***** is just that .. a w***** .. dont feel bad for having looked at what he was doing in public

    if it hadve been a cop watching , hed be charged for public indecency or something

    pointing and hystericaly laughing woulda crushed him totally :) remember that for next time , try it , its amazinghow effective it is .

  • I'm not fat, I'm just not a toothpick like some of these girls now a days. My Husband says I'm not built for speed, I'm built for comfort. Just remember because of your RUDE comments I give the Besy B****** that you are never going to get. Maybe you and the j*** off kid should get together.

  • Hi i love j********** in my car at mall and letting femalescwatch me. Love slightly heavy women. Yes i would let you watch

  • Well said! My wife is heavier and we have a very healthy s** life. What is important to us is how we feel about each other. We can keep each other laughing for hours! For those who deem only what you see on the outside as important, you will never be truly happy."A house can be beautiful on the outside, but if the floorboards are rotten on the inside, you'll never live there."

  • sounds like you need to be in the gym instead of sitting around being a f****** lazy fat wonder ur husband wants u out the house..what man wants a fat ass woman!!!!?? NO ONE.... UR JUST LIKE THOSE DIRTY OLD MEN LOOKING AT YOUNG GIRLS....EXCEPT UR A DIRTY FAT ASS OLD WOMAN

  • F*** off you a******

  • It sounds as if you think you'll never get to a place where you're not in the best shape. Ah, the age of immaturity is upon you young one. Please remember your words as you age and others look at you with the same vileness you now spew.

  • Speak English dumb ass

  • You're just mad no one would enjoy watching you j*******.

  • I was embarrassed that I watched him. I mean he was young enough to be my Son. It bothers me to the point that I confessed to this site. My Husband thinks it is great and wants me to go see the male strippers with some girlfriends. He tells me it is perfectly normal that I watched (and I must admit enjoyed) the young man's show and thinks my girlfriends will agree with him.

  • You did the right thing. Any real man would have loved to have had you watch. These little p****'s that talk s*** are just jealous because they weren't the ones who got to have a beautiful woman watch them. Live your life your way that makes you happy.

  • Go to the mall more often in the truck. And wear a skirt. Watch if you see a ggy doing it again

  • I wish i could see you watching me

  • H***, if it was ME watching, I would have opened his car door and helped him out with that stiff c*** ! He would not have needed that drink cup, that's fo sho !

  • Nah, truck drivers see that s*** all the time....i really never had the urge to j****** in public though.....dont really get it.

  • Try it once you will like it and do it often.

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