I Screwed Up And Had S** With My Boyfriend's Brother

When my boyfriend was out of town for a week on a business seminar, I called his younger brother because the toilet in our apartment was broken. His brother is a handyman and can fix anything. He is a hunk, too, and keeps his body in excellent shape, unlike my boyfriend who is a little overweight, but still very handsome.

As the brother fixed the toilet, I stood behind him watching him work. Before I knew it, I was looking at his athletic body and his nice ass, like you see on those football players, round and firm. To my surprise, I got h**** and wet. Somehow the brother must have sensed I was in heat, or I'm more transparent than I thought. After he finished the repair, he washed his hands, knelled down in front of me and pulled up my dress. Before I could stop him, his tongue was pressed against my panties and licking my p**** through them. I should have pushed him away. I couldn't. It felt so good and it was exciting being taken by surprise like that. I pulled his head harder against me and grinded my hips against his tongue. He picked me up, carried me to the bedroom and had me on my marriage bed all night. It was the best s** of my life, but now I'm ashamed. The younger brother is married, and just wanted me for some s**. I'm worried about him telling my boyfriend, and I don't want my boyfriend to know I slipped up with his brother of all people. I've always considered myself a good person and never just let a guy have me like that. I don't know why I did it, acting like an easy s***. I pray to God my boyfriend never learns how badly I screwed up.

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  • Younger brother, not getting paid for taking care of the plumbing. As a younger brother and f****** a few of his gfs (he has very little experience) and both his future wife and her maid of honor, I mean I was very unclear as the the exact duties of the Best Man, but did not want to be accused of shirking my duties. So don't feel bad, all part of the brother thing. How about your bf's father? Uncles? I mean family surveys and collecting data is an important societal function. ;-)

  • As an older brother with very little experience, this makes me even more paranoid and depressed about my flirty hotter younger brother. ugh :(

  • Nice, don't feel bad, justva life experience. hit that s*** again and dont get prego.

  • My sister had a hot boyfriend when I was thirteen come over to the house. Let's call him Jack. My sister went to the store and would be back soon. Leaving me and Jack alone in the house. We were sitting on the couch when he started flirting with me. He said we were doing nothing wrong so I started flirting back. It wasn't like I was going to sleep with him or anything. Anyway Jack said that the real test is how faithful someone is when they are being touched sexually. He asked me if I would give into the advances of a best friend's boyfriend if they touched me in the right places. I said no since that would be betrayal.

    Jack asked me to prove it by letting him eat me out. At first I told him no since that would feel awkward with my sister's boyfriend. He said it was a test to see if I would stop him after a few moments or if I would let him keep going and betray my sister. I told him of course I would not betray my sister that way. He told me once again to prove it. So as stupid as it was I let him eat me and it felt so good that I didn't stop him. Jack had his way with me on the couch and I had an incredible o*****. When my sister came back from the store I felt so guilty. We all make mistakes so cheer up things will get better.

  • Naaaa girl get it ;)
    if that n***** wasnt giving yu that d*** so yu gotta go out n get it girl.. was that d*** game strong or nah? suck it or nah? spit or swallow? yu ate that ass or nah?

  • I have a brother who has a girlfriend and a couple kids. Im the athletic one who takes care of himself. I was a male stripper back in Florida. It is not your fault. I can be very influential to the opposite s**, and quite often I do use this to my advantage.
    But not against my own brother. Ever. No way in f****** h***, EVER. He's not just my brother he's one of my best friends.
    So no, you are not to blame. That sick f*** that manipulated you is to blame. What a s*** ass of a person.

  • You did the right thing. Your boyfriend let you down by becoming a fat assed pig. You needed a little break with his brother's hot bod. Honey, it was worth it and any of these judgmental b****** putting you down would have done the same thing if they were hot enough to get the chance with a hunk like that. I know I would have. Tuck that glorious time in your memory banks. By the way, great score! You're a Diva!

  • I'm dead ???? becoming a fat ass pig

  • Do you wonder of he would f*** me y name is jasmine cal

  • You are a redneck s*** lol

  • It was on accident. Ish. You're boyfriend and god will understand

  • You're a disgusting s*** with 0 dignity. Not judging. It's just the truth. Not even a w**** would stoop that low.

  • F*** you


  • I see ur problem well first of all i no the temptions of s** u can trust me i am a certified therpist in new york the can b hard to over come but u just have to say no but since u already had s** u could come out and confess and if he really loves u he will forgive u but u will have that dept hanging over u for the rest of ur life and that will b some thing u will have to learn to live with.

  • Guys I did this but I do not feel guilty, we were dancing, I was drunk and he wanted to kiss me, I said no! But before I knew it he had managed to work his tongue down my throat. He works in the army and it turned me on so I kissed him back. One thing led to another and I was like if we kissed I may as well f*** him so yeah. I will not tell my boyfriend I do not see the point. If you tell your boyfriend surely it would only be to get rid of your own guilt? Why feel guilty abaoht something that happened naturally. I am going to be honest I was in another country where his brother lived and he asked me to meet up with him so I don't know like what did he expect?! Sounds weird but I don't really cheat I only did it because it is his brother and I was sexually deprived on holiday with my girl mates because my boyfriend wasn't there and avoided literally every guy for him. If we were in my country I would not have done it because he would be close enough. I don't regret it but having said that it isn't something I want to do again. I felt like his brother tried to get me drunk then just took advantage. S*** happens but look honey if you tell him it won't solve anything. If my boyfriend cheated once didn't tell me and didn't do it again I would be happy with that situation. So there we have it.

  • Hi I'm wondering if you can give me some advice

  • The way I read it, it sounds like you and the brother are both guilty. Now you need to talk to the brother and decide if you are or are not going to tell your boyfriend and his wife.

  • The way I read it, it sounds like you and the brother are both guilty. Now you need to talk to the brother and decide if you are or are not going to tell your boyfriend and his wife

  • u are a w****. Seriously u couldn't have s** for a couple of days!? u f****d up kid.

  • Sound like a p*** story to me! got me well h****!

  • I done that as well you feel so sexy don't you but when they have gone you feel like s*** keep it to your self get on with you life but dont do it a gen if you do then your just like him

  • Damn I wouldn't like the idea to have your sorry ass in my family, neither that poor excuse of the brother! I hope your husband will catch you, it will break him to half but he would know what kind of snakes he have in house! f****** rats!!

  • F*** the guilt. If it feels good do it. I'd get some of that hot body whenever chubby was out of town. Double your pleasure double your fun. You go girl!

  • Uu made me laugh so hard. But u are ryt.I f***** my boyfriend's brother too.it felt good and I wanna do it again

  • This is the best response of all, and it's the only correct one. You should keep going back to the brother, as often as you can, and even if you wind up marrying your boyfriend. Nothing will ever taste as good as the forbidden fruit. NOTHING! You keep hitting that, girl!!

  • Ask your boyfriend to join in, love and peace............

  • You need some Jesus in your life to mend your sinful ways. You need a good ass whoppin too. Your husband should take you over his knee and spank the s*** out of your fine ass. That's what you need, a good ole panties off spanking till your exposed heart-shaped ass turns red, and some scriptures.

  • Is that Hezus the well hung Mexican boy? My you are a liberal.

  • AMEN!!!!!!!

  • too funny!

  • you f***** up. Be honest cuz if u lie about this, u'll lie about worse.

    Accept the consequence

  • F*** you

  • what good is telling him going to do?..... None! for anyone! so let it go, people have done worse, you will feel like s#it for a while, but better than everyone lives going to h***.......

  • He'll only tell your husband if his own marriage is f***** up because it will s**** up his life too. I think you got a free f*** and it sounds like it was a good one. Maybe you'll get a shot at seconds.

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