I think i may have killed my s** drive or my ability to o***** somehow

Okay so i was wondering if anyone knows whats up. I kind of have been masturbating for maybe a decade by now and i actually regret doing it that much. It used to be every once in a while but over past few years it was like 3 sometimes as much as 5 times a day and then for a while i stopped but started back up again. I recently have been holding the bottom of my shaft when i o***** so c** doesnt come out because i got lazy and stopped getting tissue around to caitch it and i was wondering if that damaged my ability to c** because instead of shooting out it kinda just oozes out now slowly and it reduces my o*****. I also have depression so im not sure if thats a factor. Oh yeah and i used to watch tons and tons of p*** and i seem to be decensitized to it. So how do i fix this? It really bothers me because if i had a girl i like and was with her im afraid of not being able to enjoy s** fully :(


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  • Trust me man, being with a woman changes everything. You won't feel desensitized then. You're probably just sexually frustrated. You're bored. It happens to everyone. You'll get over it.

  • I hope so :( I m********* a lot nowadays because of being depressed. I do it even if im not really turned on. Its just for the chemicals that help raise my mood sllightly and briefly.

    One other thing i forgot to mention is one time a few years ago i was worried about my d*** size stupidly enough (its actually above average) and i tried stretching it and im afraid that oculda caused nerve damage since it hurt slightly one time i did it O.o it wasnt emence pain but it was a quick jolt

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