I'd rather j*** off than take s*** from a woman

I'm so sick of bitchy and flighty women I prefer to j*** off rather than deal with them. Besides my d*** is better than any woman for the following reasons:

My d*** never gives me any s***.

It's always up for s**. None of that I'm not in the mood bullshit.

I don't need to take my d*** to a fancy restaurant or buy it flowers to have s** with it.

My d*** would never try to make me watch a dumb chick flick.

My d*** never says stupid stuff.

It would never cheat on me.

My d*** doesn't need any bullshit foreplay. It's ready right from the get go.

My d*** won't go and get pregnant on me.

It doesn't take two hours to paint its face with dumb make up.

I don't have to meet my d***'s parents.

My d*** doesn't care if I make zero dollars or a million.

My d*** will never hire a divorce lawyer to cost me an arm and a leg in Divorce court.

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  • not all girls are like that girls like me just want u to remember our name and i can nvr get enough s** my bf cant keep up.and parents meh who needs em

  • I'm in the same boat. Who needs the hassles of an annoying when your d*** will never let you down on give you any s***!

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