My sister tells everybody I'm a s***!

My little sister and I never had a good relationship, not even when we were little. She always stole from me, and said I didn't deserve anything I had, and even after we have reached our late 20's, she is still kind of immature like that, and I don't even know why.

When I had my first boyfriend, she would try to break us up and try to sabotage the relationship. She's.. mental. When she noticed I was happy, she quickly said something to try to make me mad. When I wanted to go out with my hubby or he would visit me at home, she would get full on mental case and throw a nasty fight, and called out everything that I've done wrong in front of him, to make me look bad.

I was 23 years old when I had my first (serious) relationship. I had always try to set an example for her, everybody knew (even her) that I would never have s** if I was not in love, and that's why I waited for my first serious guy.

Still, she got mad because I lost my virginity before she did, and soon after she found out me and my boyfriend "did it", she lost her virginity to her quasi-boyfriend, whom she had no actual feelings for...

She would get strange, and asked me weird questions, like: "is your boyfriend "big" down there? how big is he?" I told her he was average (pretty vague answer), I really didn't know what to say. Then she started to get nasty talking about her boyfriend's d**k, and their sexual encounters, hoping I would tell her mine. I kept quiet, because I don't like talking about s** like that.

After my first relationship, I had two more boyfriends and she behaved in exactly the same way... She started to say I went out with men to have s**, and telling our female friends that I was a w****.

She was totally irrational about it... She even started to have s** in our home's living room with her boyfriend, while me and my mom were asleep. She even invited him to stay with our house when my mom was out of town.

One day I woke up, the living room door was wide open and the television seemed to be on. I thought to myself "She always forgets to turn off the TV after a movie night", so I went into the living room to turn it off, and there she was, having s** with her boyfriend on the couch, and apparently I caught her in a bad moment (she was "coming"...) I was under the weird impression she wanted me to know she was having s**, she didn't even close the living room door and she knows for a fact that I get up at night to pee, very often. I couldn't believe I had to see that, even the part of his boyfriend's pale, naked ass, on top of her...

I never had s** with my boyfriend at my house, so I thought she should pay me the same respect I had paid her. I told my mom about the incident, but she didn't believe me, after my sister denied it, crying her eyes out, saying that I wanted to hurt her by saying that.

My mom always liked her better, I guess, and my sister was really convincing every time she lied. After that, she swore revenge on me, and made my life a living h*** since then.

She would start to flirt with my bf's, faking o****** in front of them and getting partially naked before they arrived at the house. After all that, I learned my lesson. I decided I wouldn't take any guy home, ever.

So, after I broke up with my third bf, I started to go out with two more guys, but this time, I said to my family we were just friends, and that we just liked to hang out.

But, every time I went out to meet my "friends", she would ask me: "where are you going? does mom know you're leaving at this hour?" I always said to her it wasn't any of her business, and that I would never ask her those things because she's an adult. Then, she would call our mother, and put on a show on how worried she was that I was going out like that, to sleep around with random guys.

What she didn't say (and I had told her about this) in her touching yet psychotic psychobabble is that I knew these guys from a while ago, they were really my friends before we became something else.

She's so psycho and manipulative, that my mom didn't know she was sleeping around more than I did, and the truth came out in the most ironic way: a herpes breakout all over her face!!! HA!

She told mom she got the herpes from her first boyfriend, like three years ago, the exact same amount of years passed after she broke up with him!!! My mom is not stupid (at least, not entirely) so she didn't buy it.

I guess my sister is kind of intimidated and envious of me, because the guys I've been with never actually forgot about me and want to stay friends. She has said to me on various occasions: "you must be a great lay, because guys follow your ass around like dogs on heat." I guess she feels she doesn't have the same effect on guys... But I know, with certainty, they are just intimidated by her strong, multiple personalities! LOL!!!

KARMA IS A B****!!! Ouch! :-S

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  • I agree. The thing is, nobody will believe me. They think my sister is a saint, even though she wasn't like that before. After I caught her having s** with her bf, she started to change: stopped partying 'til dawn, cleaned up her act, and started to make me look bad, on purpose. I lost credibility and got turfed off my own house. Every time we were alone, she'd pick a fight, threaten me, emotionally and physically, follow me around the house 'til I ended up in my room crying and so afraid I didn't want to come out. She stayed behind the door, screaming her ass off saying I was hitting her, and that she was going to call the police on me. She wanted the neighbors to listen to everything... After all that, I eventually came out, and she would tell me: "I'd make an amazing actress". And the Oscar goes to... I know this is hard to believe, and very f***** up, but that did happen often, to me. I had to move out of the house because my mother wouldn't believe me, and she even let my sister get away with hitting me, because after she hit me, she would self-mutilate and self-inflict wounds, and tell my mother I hit her.
    My sister has never been reprimanded and not even preached to. She got away with pretty much everything since she was a child. I blame my mother, you know. She raised a monster.

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