I hate how guys are so b*** obsessed.

I hate how guys always fall over themselves to look at your b****. What is wrong with them? The other day I was with my baby in the mall and I bent over to wipe his mouth. I felt somebody staring at me. I looked up and there's this jerky guy perving on me looking down my blouse at my b****. It p***** me off how some perv is always lurking around to sneak a look at your t*** no matter how careful you are, and God forbid if you go braless to get a little relief from constricting bras. The pervs come out of the woodwork and their piggy eyes stick to your t*** like super glue. Even old men perv you. You'd think by the time they reach 60, they'd be over that juvenile behavior. But, noooo they're dirty old men drooling over your b****. Disgusting! Sometimes I wish I was flat chested to not have to deal with all the b*** obsessed pervs!

Aug 9, 2011

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  • Yeah so what if we look at them? Its a free g******* country, I'll look where I please. If you are so worried about it then cover them the f*** up and I won't bother looking. The reality is that most women who have nice b****** or legs or whatever dress in a way which displays theirs assets as flatteringly and provocatively as possible so they can attract and influence powerful, high status men and out-compete other women in their social sphere and elevate themselves socially. So don't be so g******* hypocritical about the whole thing. If you are going to market yourself then expect to pick up a few window shoppers.

  • >Yeah so what if we look at them? Its a free g******* country, I'll look where I please.

    Then when you stare like a cow at something you *don't* like, either use your free will and avert your eyes or STFU about it. It works both ways.

  • I love b****, all sizes! Thank you God for putting b**** on women. I only wish I could play with ten, let me see ... that would be twenty, actually ... b**** morning, noon and before I went to bed at night. I'd be in b*** heaven, and happy as a bra on a woman with bodacious bazooms! I love b****!

  • Sometimes my big b**** annoy me but I couldn't imagine not having them. If people look, you should be flattered and proud to be a female.

  • It's stupid to be so obsessed with a woman's b******. The size and shape. The way they sit on her body. The line of cleavage that gives you hints as to their fullness. The mystery of the nipples. Are they pink or brown? Are they very long when aroused? Is that an erect nipple jutting through that top she's wearing? Silliness.

  • I take it you like b****.

    Proud Possessor Of Bodacious B****

  • I'd need to get a good look at your b**** before I could address your question.

  • I am a guy who can't help looking. I think we are just made that way by nature.

  • I don't get b****. I have em, but they're just blobs. Boys are weird hahaha

  • I hate it too. Boys are pigs! Slutty girls like it, though.

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