Im a terrible person. Here's Why. I wished to be raped again.

My name is Arena. I was 9 when I was first molested. Then at age 11 I was raped by a strange man. He was the janitor at my school. I never spoke of it. Then at age 15 I was once again raped at a bon fire after a football game by 3 football players. One was my boyfriend. After they told the whole school, I was kicked off the cheer squad and ASAP was put into a "special needs" school. Where people just like me went to school. Whatever. Anyways... Now im 18 And I have a new life for me. No raping is happening anymore. But in the back of my mind I can sence that my boyfriend wanted to rape me. So I dumped him. Now I work at a "S** Store" called "Ohhh La La;)" Its got all kinds of cool s** toys 'n' stuff. And I want to be raped. I dont know why. I just do. Just wanting to be tied up and having to keep it a "secret" just thrills me. Yes, Being raped was terrible, and very painful, dosent scare me anymore. I want it to happen again. I know thats terrible and sick and twisted. But Thats Why I Came Here. To Confess.

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  • Rape is always wrong but I like the idea of 9 yr old p****

  • I'm sorry people think you're a troll. it's a part of PTSD most likely. if you're up for it, please try to find a good therapist.

  • Damn thats awesome wish we coudl talk:)

  • Seriously? This is just a troll.

  • Many survivors of rape hate themselves because it turns out that their rape was the best s** they ever had. Some married females who never have never had an o***** in t heir life and never had an o***** with their husband have strong multiple o****** when they are raped. Some females hate their bodies for betraying them. Other females, try to replicate the experience and discover the can only enjoy s** when they are being raped.
    Most rapists are not violent and do not wish to physically hurt their victims. Some rapists get off on getting their victims to o*****, and most rape victims try their best not to o***** in order not to give their rapist the satisfaction of knowing he caused them to climax.

  • I wonder how many ppl you are making sick to the stomach that were actually raped. Go f*** yourself you troll and I hope your c*nt caves in.

  • There is a way to do this. Talk to the person who will be your rapist. Usually it's your partner or lover but it could be a friend or acquaintance. The reality is that you do need to consent. So it's not exactly rape. But actually you know rape is terrible and can wreck you forever. But you can live your fantasy. Think it through and talk it through and if he's a decent guy or girl then they will make it happen for you. Like I do not want a old dirty hairy drunk to do it.

    I have done this a couple of times. The first time was with my boyfriend now husband and since then he has organised them for me. With him, I realised what I wanted was to not know when or where. I wanted to be able to struggle and scream and cry and be scared. The first time was crap. I fought back and he stopped. We had this huge argument and left it for a while. Then I asked if he would do it again but not give up or be gentle and it was just what I'd asked for. yes I was hurt and scared. And lots of TLC after. So exciting.

  • Nine is a good age for s**, it's nit rape

  • What a load of hot c*ck. You were never raped, just come out with it and simply say you'd like to be raped. You'd get ample responses I'm sure.

  • Are you a troll? I have never heard a rape victim want to go thorough a traumatic experience like that again.

  • Except when you lose your virginity im pretty sure you start feeling sexual pleasure from it, how is feeling sexual pleasure traumatic?

  • Dear Arena,

    You are not terrible, sick or twisted, A large number of survivors discover they like being raped. I have a confession to make to you. Even though I don't judge gays, I am homophobic and find male homosexuality repulsive. But I also have a compulsion to be raped. I would much rather be raped/sodomized by females. But I realize it, no female is ever going to do it. So, I even considered placing myself in a situation where i would be raped by males. I am also turned on by anything to do with non-consensual s**. I am Daddy dom. If you wanted to be my submissive or the submissive of any other male domiant, you would be consenting to their raping you anytime they wish. You would become their s** slave. their s** toy to be used and sexually abused however they wised to rape, molest, or sexually abuse you.
    One thing that set me apart from others here is I would care about you and love you. Your happiness to me is more important to me than my sexual gratification. I never abandon anyone. I would do my best to help you any way I could. I am a sadomasochist. I enjoy sexually torturing females. But I also have a need for survivors of sexual abuse to take their anger, hate, rage and fury out on me. I want to take away your pain. I want you to feel loved, cared for and cherished. I want to rebuild your self-esteem and your self-confidence. You tell me how I could make you happy, and i would do it.

  • You can write me at

  • Ever since I've watched Pornhub videos, seeing women restrained to vibrators and suspended over f****** machines, I've wanted to do that so bad. Just the idea of being restrained to the point where I cannot move a muscle is so pleasing.

  • I am a registered s** offender. I have come to meet many other offenders. One peed on a wall after getting drunk and now has to register. Another raped his own children for years.

    Through treatment, I have learned that many people will victimize themselves again and again. Your confession is iconic of this behavior.

    I cant tell you what to do and neither can anyone else. Just remember, actions have consequences. You could end up pregnant or with a disease. You could end up in court. If your aggressor admits to raping you, you may be required to testify. This is a slippery slope. Disease is unforgiving. Pregnancy is unforgiving. The s** offender registry is unforgiving. Your so called peers are unforgiving.

    There is help through religion or treatment. You deserve a loving and supporting relationship. You deserve to choose your own path in life. You deserve to be happy.

  • Come, let me rape you ;)

  • If you are asking her for permission then it's not rape you idiot.

  • Arena,
    Your confession invokes two major emotions. One, Im sorry this happened to you. Im sure you relive the experiences often whether you want to or not. It is a terrible thing that at such a young age you were robbed of the normalities of childhood. No one should have to go through that.
    Two, rape fantacies are not unuaual. Normal people, both men and women have them. In that, you have no reason to feel ashamed. Role playing sometimes temporarily satisfies the hunger, but sometimes only feeds it. It becomes very dangerous. There is an alternative. The alternative is slavery. The slave lives a life in a constant state of being molested and raped. She has no choice. She is property and must always submit. The humiliation you experienced being sent to special needs school is also factored in and the idea you are exposed for all to see on a temporary basis with everyone seeing you is achievable without it permanently challenging whatever life you built for yourself since. While engaging in the deepest recesses of you desires there is still the safety.

    If interested, respond.

  • Tell me more about the slave business please

  • One place to do some research is by googling Gorean pleasure slaves. I say this is only for research purposes. The ideas from the Gorean novels built a small subculture in both the web life and real life. Other areas of research are in the middle eastern religions and african beliefs. Once you gain a basic idea of what slavery really is as opposed to what hate groups propagandaize it, youll learn there were many forms and many extremes. For the young lady here, the original poster, I would believe that your greatest interest would be as a pleasure slave. So first learn who you really are and the extent of your desires. Second, finding a true master is difficult to say the least. Many are just sadistic bastards that enjoy inflicting pain on women. You see a lot of that in the BDSM culture and I do not recommend it. To learn who a real master is you must do the research. I cannot disclose such info here or imposters would just piggy back the claims. There are forums to explore as well. Many questions can be answered in those.
    If any more question arise upon your reading this, please do respond once more.

  • Sad that you were molested by horrible people.

    Every GF I've ever had all admitted to me at one point they were raped except one. Even my ex-wife told me she was once raped.

    Have had awesome GFs that enjoy being tied up and dominated. And I have to admit once I find a woman doesn't like to essentially play a rape fantasy with me, its pretty much over.

    Not sure what this is. But I think it is related to being animals.

    But it is very sexy. And there seems to be not end in site for me getting hard when a woman totally gives herself to me and allows me to tie her up and go nuts.

    But it has to be consensual.

  • Where have you been all my life?

  • Look up Psalm Isadora and Layla Martin

  • Look up tantra

  • • Sexual blame avoidance. This is the most popular explanation. It recognizes that women’s erotic desires may trigger feelings of anxiety, guilt, and shame. How can women enjoy robust sexual fantasies without developing these feelings? Fantasize about being forced. That way, women aren’t responsible for the s** and need not feel distressed about it. I was forced. It wasn’t my fault.

    • Sexual desirability. This explanation reflects the arc of romance fiction, which is wildly popular among women (and the single largest-selling category of fiction). In romance novels, a powerful, dangerous man becomes so enthralled by the protagonist that he must have her, even if his pursuit is assaultive. Eventually, she tames him and they marry and have children. The sexual-desirability explanation says that women have rape fantasies to bolster feelings of seductiveness and desirability. I’m so hot. I drive men crazy.

  • I'll rape you in the ass with. My big c*** c** in on your face.

  • Bring your c¥¥k here. I want to be raped badly. Been fantasy since I was last raped

  • Really?

  • With genuine consent, and if you are in the UK, contact me for consensual rape/rape fantasy -

    Know before contacting me that I also have the right to refuse anyone for any reason. Do contact me, though - we could have a lot of fun!

  • Love it

  • Describe what you would do.

  • Contact me only for those having consent
    Love the s** & please bring durex!!
    Hehe lol

  • I want to rape

  • Rape me

  • Want to

  • Wish you'd contact me. I'm up for being raped. So h**** just thinking about last time

  • I'll rape your guts out

  • Yes please

  • I have been raped and molested a lot by the same person I want to be raped again by a different person so I can see the difference between people I know and people I don't

  • I kinda have a similar story I also ended up working at a s**store but I was raped every summer from the age of 5 till I was 13

  • Rape is wrong but I love the thought of 5 yr old p****

  • Yet I wish more than anything to fell that pain because I feel so dead and emotionless that the only thing that makes me feel alive is being beaten and abused s**ualy

  • If that's what you like go for it Arena, don't listen to these mentally constipated retards....they just heard what is socially accepted and now they pound their chest with their fists but the fact is that these aren't even their opinions...they just learned that is what they should feel to be "normal"....but back in that dark corner of their mind lies things that scare even them....
    Do whatever makes you only got one life, live it for yourself, don't live it like others whant you to live...
    Remember, you know best what you feel and need not anybody else...

  • i was raped twice in my life. 1 time by my cousin and another time a month or o ago by my 2 best friends whom i thought i could trust. you don't want to get raped again please don't say that.. some body might take that wrong and you might have like three 80 year-old men on top of you trying to seduce you and get inside of you.. it's not right. you aren't a horrible person, just have bad thoughts and can get help for. :) don't worry. you will be okay.

  • I was raped by my cousin for about 4 years and date rape and when I think back on it I like it....and for some reason I want it to happen to me again

  • I haven't been raped (that I know of) but once I get to know people I tell them about how I only remember a little bit that happened to me before I turned 12 say that I was probably molested multiple times and I blocked out those memories. I like rape too. (Its always good to know you're not the only one, right?)

  • You haven't been raped "that you know of"? How the h*** can you NOT know? Even if you 'blocked it out', you would still have been awfully sore afterwards. I mean, you claim that some things happened to you before you were 12, right? Then you turned right around and said, "I like rape too." WTF??? Things are just not adding up here, I thi...wait a minute, I just read your username, and that explains it.

  • It sounds to me like you need counselling of some sort. The fact you work in a s** shop after what has happened to you rings alarm bells and it sounds to me like you've never really got over your experiences. Maybe your looking for love? and in a committed relationship a little bit of kinkiness is perfectly natural. The fact you desire to be "raped" again indicates you were never given the support needed to get you over the experiences. I suggest you see someone asap. Rape is not something to give you sexual pleasure and the fact your most likely just h**** but desire something you hated so much suggests you have not got closure. Get help.

  • You need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth - ask Him to take over your life, and lead you into everlasting life. Please do it now.

  • Dumb ass Christians should keep off the internet.

  • agree not everyone wants to be a f****** christian chhhh

  • They should keep off the f****** planet as well.

  • I'll rape you

  • Who is willing to rape a 13 year old girl

  • I'm willing ;)

  • Where are you? i just turned 16


  • Rape me too pls

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  • I'd hold you down and shove my thick black c*** so deep inside your tight young p****

  • I need your black com.

  • Where you at

  • We should meet up some were I bet ur hot how old r u 😊

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