Im a terrible person. Here's Why. I wished to be raped again.

My name is Arena. I was 9 when I was first molested. Then at age 11 I was raped by a strange man. He was the janitor at my school. I never spoke of it. Then at age 15 I was once again raped at a bon fire after a football game by 3 football players. One was my boyfriend. After they told the whole school, I was kicked off the cheer squad and ASAP was put into a "special needs" school. Where people just like me went to school. Whatever. Anyways... Now im 18 And I have a new life for me. No raping is happening anymore. But in the back of my mind I can sence that my boyfriend wanted to rape me. So I dumped him. Now I work at a "S** Store" called "Ohhh La La;)" Its got all kinds of cool s** toys 'n' stuff. And I want to be raped. I dont know why. I just do. Just wanting to be tied up and having to keep it a "secret" just thrills me. Yes, Being raped was terrible, and very painful, dosent scare me anymore. I want it to happen again. I know thats terrible and sick and twisted. But Thats Why I Came Here. To Confess.

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  • Contact me only for those having consent
    Love the s** & please bring durex!!
    Hehe lol

  • I want to rape

  • I have been raped and molested a lot by the same person I want to be raped again by a different person so I can see the difference between people I know and people I don't

  • I kinda have a similar story I also ended up working at a s**store but I was raped every summer from the age of 5 till I was 13

  • Yet I wish more than anything to fell that pain because I feel so dead and emotionless that the only thing that makes me feel alive is being beaten and abused s**ualy

  • If that's what you like go for it Arena, don't listen to these mentally constipated retards....they just heard what is socially accepted and now they pound their chest with their fists but the fact is that these aren't even their opinions...they just learned that is what they should feel to be "normal"....but back in that dark corner of their mind lies things that scare even them....
    Do whatever makes you only got one life, live it for yourself, don't live it like others whant you to live...
    Remember, you know best what you feel and need not anybody else...

  • i was raped twice in my life. 1 time by my cousin and another time a month or o ago by my 2 best friends whom i thought i could trust. you don't want to get raped again please don't say that.. some body might take that wrong and you might have like three 80 year-old men on top of you trying to seduce you and get inside of you.. it's not right. you aren't a horrible person, just have bad thoughts and can get help for. :) don't worry. you will be okay.

  • I was raped by my cousin for about 4 years and date rape and when I think back on it I like it....and for some reason I want it to happen to me again

  • I haven't been raped (that I know of) but once I get to know people I tell them about how I only remember a little bit that happened to me before I turned 12 say that I was probably molested multiple times and I blocked out those memories. I like rape too. (Its always good to know you're not the only one, right?)

  • You haven't been raped "that you know of"? How the h*** can you NOT know? Even if you 'blocked it out', you would still have been awfully sore afterwards. I mean, you claim that some things happened to you before you were 12, right? Then you turned right around and said, "I like rape too." WTF??? Things are just not adding up here, I thi...wait a minute, I just read your username, and that explains it.

  • It sounds to me like you need counselling of some sort. The fact you work in a s** shop after what has happened to you rings alarm bells and it sounds to me like you've never really got over your experiences. Maybe your looking for love? and in a committed relationship a little bit of kinkiness is perfectly natural. The fact you desire to be "raped" again indicates you were never given the support needed to get you over the experiences. I suggest you see someone asap. Rape is not something to give you sexual pleasure and the fact your most likely just h**** but desire something you hated so much suggests you have not got closure. Get help.

  • You need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth - ask Him to take over your life, and lead you into everlasting life. Please do it now.

  • Dumb ass Christians should keep off the internet.

  • agree not everyone wants to be a f****** christian chhhh

  • They should keep off the f****** planet as well.

  • I'll rape you

  • Rape me too pls

  • Send me your email

  • I'd hold you down and shove my thick black c*** so deep inside your tight young p****

  • Where you at

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