Maybe I Am A Closet S***

I am a very conservative 18 year old girl. I do not wear clothes that show off too much of my body. I am a college student and I have a good relationship with my parents. I don't drink or do drugs, and I value my reputation. But I wonder if besides all my good girl values I may be a closet s*** because when I go to the beach and notice guys looking at my body I like it. These guys never know and I do not talk to them but when their eyes roam all over my body I secretly like it. No, I love it, and I have touched myself thinking about those boys wanting me and how it would feel to just let go an let them have me. I have even given myself o****** getting worked up about this, though afterwards I feel a little ashamed at myself. At least I have never done anything like that and never will.

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  • You should imagine a d*** in you when you c** betta yet imagine MY bbc in your p**** when u c** let's be friends I'll teach u all about YOUR p****

  • I have been surprised many times by women who dress practically like nuns but are wildcats in bed. For some reason, they hide their strong s** drives. Why is that? Then you have women who dress in ways that you expect them to be s** goddesses, but who sometimes are not. Strange are the ways of the female species.

  • I'm kinda the same way. I don't let people know how I can be unless its people online that will never actually meet me or a boyfriend who I think there's an actual chance that it will last with.

  • Thank you. You are right. They are harmless fantasies I would never want to have happen in real life.

  • Let it happen days of s*** shaming are gone thank #amberose n Kim kardashian west I'd f*** both you like I'll f*** this pyt

  • Don't worry too much... You're quite normal! Everybody has their own secret fantasies, you know. That does not make you a s***.

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