Saw An Oral S** Problem Confession, Here Is The One I Got

I got a great girlfriend. She is nice as can be and good in bed. I have one problem with her. When she blows me she always spits out my c**. I want her to swallow. It feels so much better to me. Spitting it out is like an insult. I know from other guys some girls hate to swallow and some won't even blow guys. All the time I ask myself why me why didn't I get a girl who would finish the job. Why are some girls such prudes. I hate that.

Aug 10, 2011

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  • It should be her choice. Try pulling out and shooting on her t***,that can be hot too. Or shoot in your own mouth and swallow.

  • Find a guy, give him a b******, swallow his c**. Then you will know what it's like. And only then do you have the right to ask her to swallow yours.

    But if you are already getting great head, why mess with a good thing?

  • ya swallow your c** yourself you ass hole..

  • Eat my p****, j******!

  • You are a selfish b******. Here the girl gives you probably A 1 b******* and you want more? Swallow your c** yourself!

  • when you are eating your lady p****, tell her to shoot it in your mouth when she c***, then she will consider returning the favor.

  • Gosh, you guys are never satisfied. You are lucky your girlfriend even puts her mouth on that thing. I wouldn't.

  • Some girls don't swallow because it upsets their stomach too much.

  • I got the same problem. Why are women such p****** when it comes to oral?

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