I get h**** when...

I see photos of people who have been hung. And I am a 16 year old female.

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  • You may have Necrophilia, You might want to see a therapist about this, its your choice, Its not massively common but It wouldn't hurt to try it

  • I get h**** seeing beheadings and flaying, even frequenting a guro site (though I never thought having s** with dead bodies was arousing which was weird because that was the whole point of guro) I started since a young age, and I only understood it was a fetish after I got my puberty and whenever I get h****, my lower parts hurt. This was not meant to be crude. I am seventeen now, though. I haven't told a soul about this. Have you?

    I am terrible help but I just wanted to say I feel the same. Being hung, though. Good to read this. Thank you.

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