My f***** up life pains me

There are few things that I care to be truthful about but my life is s***. There are things I wish I could forget. I have no faith in mankind or my ability to trust anyone. I am afraid to open up to someone and let them see the mess I have become. My mind and thoughts are my worst enemies because I never can escape from myself. I don't feel that I am alive and I don't want to die. I feel crazy inside and all kinds of f***** up but I bottle it up until it gnaws at me and I want to explode and scream 'til my throat is sore. I lie to others and myself when I smile and pretend to be happy. I have not once felt joy in anything I have done. I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to feel alive.

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  • Oh sweetheart...u r not alone...thank you for writing this....right now I am feeling so much connected to you....I really want to give u so much pleasure to you in all possible manner

  • I'm only 15 n I understand yo! I completely do

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