Can't m*********... Screaming baby

After a long day of work on a business trip I really just wanted to come back to the hotel, rub one out, and go to sleep. But the family in the HUGE suite next to me brought their toddler on their vacation. They let him scream for hours when he doesn't want to sleep. Hotel's sold out so I can't change rooms.

The only satisfaction is knowing they are tired of hearing it too. Mom and dad just had an argument about something and one of them stormed out of the room. The suite is on the top floor of a nice hotel in Honolulu, so I know they're spending a fortune every night. It makes me feel a little better to know that.
But for now, I really just want my o***** and a nice night's sleep.

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  • Your story of privation, hard luck, and disappointment touched me deeply. I was moved to tears when I read your tale of woe.

    You are a moron - of course you already know that...

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