Why do want to rape girls when i am driving by

When i drive home from work or sometimes just to tim hortans and back home in the middle of the night. and sometime il see a girl walking and if i find her sexy i donno why i kinda wanna just go get them as weird as that sounds. once i saw a cute girl walking by on the road as i was driving i pulled over onto the road she was walking down and just started tuggin it outside of my car with my pants down and i was hopeing she would see it.

What do i do ? :(

I dont like this feeling

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  • The feelings come from an evil spirit who is trying to encourage you to commit rape and/or other violent crimes.
    You can go to as many therapists as you like, seek out the counsel of well-meaning people, or suffer the judgments and berating of fools-in-general, the bottom line is this: only Jesus Christ of Nazareth can deliver you from evil spirits like the one who is encouraging you to commit these crimes/violent acts. Here is what to do: get down on your knees by the side of your bed, confess to Jesus that you are a sinner (someone who commits acts against the laws of God),
    ask Him to forgive you, cleanse you of your sin, and give you the grace to live a Godly life from hereon after. Find a good Bible-believing church, (i.e. - one that believes the Bible is the literal word of God), attend regularly, go to Bible study, and you will be amazed how your life improves for the better. God bless you and grant you newness of life, and life everlasting when you die. Your friend in Christ, P.

  • go to a therapist these feelings can turn to actions fast. rape ruins lives.

  • You're a suck f*** :)

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