Addicted to p*** for 7 years. . . I'm 15.

For over 7 years, I've been addicted to a sexual sin. When I was younger, I saw my parents having s** and become very curious about it. I watched p***, and when my mom caught me she said not to. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, I'll never know. That's when I started to dig deeper into that world. When I got my first cell phone, I had internet on it. I then started to read the sexual stories online, and m********* to them. I'm a Christian, and I feel sick to my stomach about this sin. It's literally eating me alive and I can't really take it. Anyway, to say that I'm tired of this sin is an understatement. I'm 15 and I can't lead a normal, pure life that I want to. My brain is filled with all types of sexual things, and I don't want this anymore. If someone has any advice for me, please post it. I'm 15, a girl, and most importantly a Christian.

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  • You are perfectly normal. we all did it and still do it. Relegion has nothing to do with your sexual urges or sexual ideas. just stop punishing yourself and enjoy all that life has to offer you. x

  • me 2 expect I m a guy

  • you are more important than religion. I hope this does doesn't come as a shock, but no one is watching you or judging you. Your thoughts are your own and you are entitled to them and should not fear punishment.

  • Its not a sin. Its natural and a gift. Enjoy it and just be safe.

  • Its natural. I'm 11 and I watch p***. Theres no crime in it. I'm Christian 2, and I have Internet on my phone. At least you'll know all of the positions when you get married. LOL

  • same with me.. can't stop thinking about it...

  • give up on the stupid religion s*** & research more s** stuff. s** & p*** is healthy & normal. christianity is not. nor is any other religion. look at all those holier than thou priests who but f*** little boys & hide behind their religion. there is nothing wrong with s**, p*** or masturbation. just be careful & make dude wear a rubber. don't be fooled by what these holy rollers & priests tell you. it's all bullshit. research for yourself & if you are even a bit intelligent you'll see i'm telling you the truth. believe in yourself not stupid lies fed to you for financial gain. trust that ALL religion is bullshit & will eventually end the world.

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