Addicted to p*** for 7 years. . . I'm 15.

For over 7 years, I've been addicted to a sexual sin. When I was younger, I saw my parents having s** and become very curious about it. I watched p***, and when my mom caught me she said not to. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, I'll never know. That's when I started to dig deeper into that world. When I got my first cell phone, I had internet on it. I then started to read the sexual stories online, and m********* to them. I'm a Christian, and I feel sick to my stomach about this sin. It's literally eating me alive and I can't really take it. Anyway, to say that I'm tired of this sin is an understatement. I'm 15 and I can't lead a normal, pure life that I want to. My brain is filled with all types of sexual things, and I don't want this anymore. If someone has any advice for me, please post it. I'm 15, a girl, and most importantly a Christian.

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  • me 2 expect I m a guy

  • you are more important than religion. I hope this does doesn't come as a shock, but no one is watching you or judging you. Your thoughts are your own and you are entitled to them and should not fear punishment.

  • Its not a sin. Its natural and a gift. Enjoy it and just be safe.

  • Its natural. I'm 11 and I watch p***. Theres no crime in it. I'm Christian 2, and I have Internet on my phone. At least you'll know all of the positions when you get married. LOL

  • same with me.. can't stop thinking about it...

  • give up on the stupid religion s*** & research more s** stuff. s** & p*** is healthy & normal. christianity is not. nor is any other religion. look at all those holier than thou priests who but f*** little boys & hide behind their religion. there is nothing wrong with s**, p*** or masturbation. just be careful & make dude wear a rubber. don't be fooled by what these holy rollers & priests tell you. it's all bullshit. research for yourself & if you are even a bit intelligent you'll see i'm telling you the truth. believe in yourself not stupid lies fed to you for financial gain. trust that ALL religion is bullshit & will eventually end the world.

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