I want to be violently gang raped by a group of racist black guys

I am a bi white male who physically fits the description as a "twink" or "fem" very well. I've got the shiny, long hair and slender frame. However I am not an effeminate guy in the least, I've been told I am a scary irrational despot, so where this rape fantasy stems from, I can't say. I've been having intense cravings and dreams about it for a year. I am asleep in a room somewhere and a whole bunch of coal black negro's bust in talking about "killing the whitey" and so on (this isn't my vision of all black people, it just adds to the intensity of the incident and improves the sexual nature). They then proceed to have their way with my "white ***" and I wake up after *******.

I literally imagine it going down like this. A gaggle of at least ten coal black, unrealistically hung, violent, racist and extremely strong negro's to burst into my room at random, shouting racial epithets about how the "whitey going down", then I want them to proceed to rip me out of the bed, tie up my arms, put a dog collar around my throat, tear my boxers off and begin engaging in horrendous sexual acts. I want them to force two of their ***** into my *** at the same time without any sort of lube while repeatedly punching my butt hard enough to burst capillaries, pulling my hair viciously. As this is going on, I want one of them to punch and slap me in the mouth in a way that the inside of my cheeks hitting my teeth are sliced up as he attempts to force a **** so disproportionately large down my throat that it hits the back of my teeth and can't go any further without causing pain to him and causing me to cough up profuse amounts of blood due to tearing of the skin in the back of my throat. After going b**** deep, I want him to pull it out, and without hesitation, slam it right back in there, over and over, until he shoots a fat ******* load down my throat. While the two guys in the rear are going at it, though probably not possible due to physics, I want two more of them to attempt to put their ***** into my ***, or at least as many fingers as they can get in there (yes, my a*** is capable of taking that much stuff into it) and I want them to jackhammer my ******* so fast that my a*** begins to prolapse as I let out intense groans and squint my eyes tightly.

At this point, I want the negro ******* my throat to pull out, lift me up using the dog collar and squeeze my face hard enough that I whimper before he asks "HOW THIS FEEL ***** *** HONKY-WHITEBOY!?" then, just to make them **** me that much harder, through tears, and just to insult their ability, I want to shout "**** YOU, YOU G******* *******!" After saying this, I want him to spit into my open mouth, call me a "cracker piece of ****" and ram his **** back into my throat before they start beating the **** out of my torso with fists and extension cords, cracking ribs and bruising my sides up. I want him to *** down my throat so hard that I gag and nearly vomit, and some of it comes out of my nose and adds to a glaze of tears and gummy saliva that covers my red eyes, making it near impossible to see, then when he pulls out for good, I want one of the guys in the rear to violently force a heavy boot onto the back of my head to hold my face into the bed so I am struggling to breathe as I strain against the bonds keeping my wrists together.

As I am sitting there in fear, contemplating, I want them to force one of those massive fifteen inch long, nine inch circumference rubber ****** that can't go more than six inches into your ******* without excruciating pain to the point that you almost j*** yourself, and I want them to push it to the point that it nears on rupturing my insides. When they get tired of this, I want them to shove one of those massive horse speculums into my *** and spread it until my o-ring begins tearing and I start to black out, on the brink of an extremely intense ******. Then I want them to just yank it out of me causing my a*** to prolapse. After this, I want them to see how many of their massive black fists they can get into my ******* at the same time before they start fist flushing me simultaneously, as fast as they can, a mix of blood and saliva running down my bruised legs. Then, I want them to push the back of my head against the wall and begin throat ******* me twenty times harder than before, so my muscles tighten up, every time their ***** pound the back of my already bruised throat thus forcing my stomach muscles to push my dripping prolapse further out of my stomach. I want them to begin indiscriminately kicking, punching, slapping and squeezing my prolapse before putting a p**** pump over it and filling the whole chamber with dark, purple guts as the back of my head slams into the wall with every **** thrust. I then want them to begin pulling on the tightly sealed pump, forcing me to fade in and out of consciousness as my guts extend dangerously to the exterior of my body.

After they're done with the pump and my throbbing prolapse, resembling a Cocker Spaniel's tale touches the floor, I want them to begin punching the **** out of it so that it causes me to **** uncontrollably as I shiver erratically with a satisfaction I've never felt before. At seeing this, I want one of them to squeeze my throat hard enough that even if he were to let go, it would take a moment for it to open back up and I can physically feel the blood flow slowing down in my neck. I then want him to let go and begin yanking the dog collar violently, causing whiplash and rope burn. Upon finishing, I want him to squeeze my face hard enough that teeth loosen up to the point that a stern punch would send them flying out of my mouth and I want him to force me to open my eyes and look him dead in his eyes. When my teary eyes meet his bloodthirsty, murderous gaze, I want him to spit in my face and punch me in the nose hard enough to break it and cause blood to come gushing out, then punch me in the lips hard enough to leave deep lacerations caused by hitting my bottom teeth, of which go flying into the back of my throat, then I want him to punch me in the eyes, causing blood vessels to burst, and my eyes to turn a disgusting, scary red. I then want him to say "You wanna **** on yourself like a *****, we got **** white-boy!" I then want all the ones standing around, unable to locate a hole for their ****, to begin ******* down my throat and forcing me to drink it.

After their bladders are empty and they've punched my prolapsed intestine walls to their hearts content, I want half of them to j*** all over my b***** face and talk about "we gave that ***** a strawberry swirly", then I want them to take their coal black fingers and force the nasty mixture into my mouth to eat it while they try and see who can get their fist the furthest down my throat. I then want them to make me lay flat on the hard ground, where they proceed to point their extremely rock hard members at a ninety degree angle to the floor when they put it in my ***, so that they slam my prostate so hard that I begin dripping j*** and so that only a couple inches of sexy black **** are able to make it into my stomach before they simply can't go any further due to nothing more than a thin piece of intestinal wall separating their penises from the hard linoleum tile I am laying on, I want them to do this until the other half have *** inside of me.

After they are nice and satisfied, I want them to lift me up with the dog collar, as it becomes impossible to keep my eyes open. I then want them to force me to crouch down and order to me to push the *** out onto the floor where one of them holds my face into it telling me to lick it up like a slave and another pulls up on the dog collar until I have finished my meal.

After I have finished sucking up the b*****, off white mixture, they finally let go and then tell me I better thank all ten of them at a time by kissing their *****, begging for forgiveness and telling them "the black man is superior" and "that white crackers are nothing but the black mans *****." Through the haze of disorientation, I will mumble something before gathering the ability to speak, "**** YOU!". After my insubordination, they will do what they have to to get me to say it. This entails every last form of physical punishment someone can bestow upon someone else by repeatedly using a dog collar to lift them off their feet, before that person finally cave into your demands. After the most telling minutes of my life, I finally give in and apologize in the most serious tone I have ever spoken and lovingly kiss their massive black d**** as they force me to look them directly in the eyes and open my mouth all the way and spit down the back of my throat and give me one last extremely violent kick to the stomach, causing me to groan and double over to the point that my forehead touches the ground before I use every last ounce of energy I have left to pull myself up and do it all over again. I do this until they're all out the door.

As the last one exits, he looks at me and says "You lucky we let you live, *****!" he then lets out a heartless laugh and shakes his head in utter disgust before he disappears. There I lay, on the cold, sticky linoleum, my now purple body covered in a glaze of blood, ***** and saliva, panting, and just before I faint due to lack of energy, I smile and let out one last genuinely sincere "thank you."

Aug 15, 2011

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  • That would be amazing id be done f***** by big c*** yesssss please make sure its good tho i want the who thing to fit in side me, i want all the c** in my mouth too and deep throated thurly make sure I'm a good little b**** please

  • All of that and my c** and b**** cut off

  • Be careful what you wish for. I was raped by 2 black guys in the Army. They took my mouth and my ass and called me names like f**, sissy, b**** etc. Since then I have been married 3 times and am Bi or maybe gay. I have a fear of black men and have submitted to 3 black guys who came on to me over the years. I was scared to try to stop them.

  • Me too I want to get destroyed by at least 20 bbc

  • I'm up for that in a schoolgirl outfit

  • Ok jow i meet up with u

  • I want to be gang raped by a very large group of black men in Toronto Ontario I want to be f***** really good and I want them to c** and p*** in my mouth

  • I fill the same way hit me up at jstndnlp gmail.com if any black its are interested

  • Hahahhaa

  • Lmao, whatttt

  • Only white people

  • Lets do it white male here 9half inch c*** for u

  • This is my dream. I want it to come true.

  • I want this also any group of black men in Toronto ontario

  • Gosh i would LOVE to do that to you, just wish there would be a way to contact you :) you would survive, i wont really break the ribs but... you'd suffer badly and i wont stop :)

  • U know two other guys that could do it with u yo me? Hmu ajmorrison130@gmail.com

  • Would you gang bang me would like at least 20 black men

  • Without the severe beatings that it what I want, I'd love to be dominated & gang raped by racists & filled with their c**! They wouldn't need to beat me up their c**** would cause enough pain!


  • I like man I'm white who would love to get f***** by a black gang n eat that bbc

  • Aside from the bleeding, cracking ribs, and losing teeth part, i totally want to do this

  • Great story! My name is Malfina and im a 24 year old female.
    Text me at (813) 409-9704 I want to hear more!!

  • Im with you...I want ll that done to me too..

  • Brilliant. Absolute genius. Bravo madam.

  • u r f***** in the head man, f*****... in the f****** head, go f****** kill yourself thats sick.

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