I give up damn it!!!!

I think i will be single for the rest of my life.... omg i feel so s***** fight now. i met this great guy but totally messed things up. i just dont know how to be a girlfriend. i want to just give up on trying to date because i'm tired of hurting people. i always fall for guys who dont like me. the ones who like me i give a hard time. i just dont want to settle for could of should of and would of's, i want the best or at least close to the best.. uughh i hate my self right now!!!! i give up on dating s**** it!!! i'm not even ugly, maybe i need to jusr move away and start over. what is the best state to live to start an interracial relationship???

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  • Well I can tell you that Mississippi is the most raciest state in the USA and the USA is the most raciest country in the world. You will want to go to a northern city like Chicago or New York or Minneapolis or even Des Moines to date out of your race. White people are inherently raciest. Glad you are not but maybe you need to work on you first.

  • Jeeeesus. It's R-A-C-I-S-T, you moron! If you're going to be racist against whites, learn how to spell the word!

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