I Farted

One day in class I had to sneeze, but I held it in because my teacher was talking so I didn't want to disturb him. Well, the sneeze came out along with a very loud fart. It was so humiliating, the whole class was silent after it happened. Once class ended I hurried to my locker and stuck my head in it, trying to stop myself from crying. My crush at the time, who's locker was one away from mine, came up to me and said, 'I didn't know girls could fart that loud.'

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  • lol

    reminds me of when I kept letting out silent but violent ones

    they wafted over to a couple of the class bullies who began blaming each other for them

    they ended up getting into a serious punch up because they were telling each other to stop farting but the farts kept coming ..

    that was sooo funny

    yeah girls do fart , and our farts will rip your noses off and bust ya eardrums when we get going

    deal with it

  • I used to be embarrassed when I farted, but now, I honestly don't care lol my husband and I don't even acknowledge it anymore. Before I got pregnant yeah, it used to bother him. But pregnancy just does things to your body you can't control and after the first couple of months he just stopped caring, and now 4 years later- we don't even notice em anymore.

  • P**** FART!

  • grode dude, nasty, disgusting, ur a sick F****** PERFERT IF YOU F****** FART IN CLASS U SICK B****!

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