Grown son sleeps NUDE

My 20 year old athletic son came back home to live with me in our two bedroom townhome after I divorced. He always sleeps in the nude. The problem, he leaves his bedroom door open and I have to go past it to the bathroom. Sometimes I see him "sleeping" on his back with a magnificient erection. I am a young 39 and have had no s** for over a year. I am in desperate need of a man and s** and this is getting to me, mother or not. Sometimes I just want to go in and lay beside him and let nature take its course. I even think he is trying to tempt me. He is a hugger who clings tightly and I am confident I have felt his erection against me. He is ALWAYS telling me he has the cuttest and hottest mom anywhere. What the h*** am I going to do. I know what I WANT to do. I just got off writting this.



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  • Seek therapy

  • Wow, lovely to see all the positive comments here, I have felt arousal after seeing a similar thing and have left my sk*pke account up on the computer to show off some of my chats- but I would keep it fantasy honestly, better in the long run!

  • I’m happy to see all of the encouragements and comments on how to maybe go about giving him hints as well that you’re fighting a temptation for him. If I had to answer I’d say to go ahead and get some nice lacey and revealing lingerie,wear it around the house and when he is home/awake with you and see what kind of reaction you get from him. Maybe even hang out in the house with a short bath robe and give him some “accidental” flashes of your b**** and sweet p****. I think judging by your post that things will go well if you show him some more of you as well and let him know that you are highly aroused by him and attracted to him. Keep us updated,please!! :)

  • This is my story from many years ago, you might want to try it on your son.

    I awoke late one night with my Grandmother straddling me and guiding my stiff c*** into her warm p****. She rode me until I came twice and my teen c*** just remained hard after c****** both times (teen c**** can do that, not anymore). Meanwhile she came twice, the first time was rather subdued and quiet, the second time I pulled her face into my chest because her moaning was a little too loud, and she was really shaking a lot. But what really turned me on, other than the fact that I was f****** her, was the action in her c***. It was squeezing my c***, and the spasms were intense enough that I could feel her c*** pulling on my c*** and it was then that I fired another shot of cream into her. After she stopped trembling and c****** she whispered in my ear, "If you don't want me to wake you up, either cover your pecker or close the door". I told her "anytime you want to ride me c***, you just go ahead." Apparently she had stood at my door a couple times and fingered herself while admiring my 19cm c*** and that night had to have it. Gramma was visiting for a week and rode me one more time.

    She came to visit a couple months later and we repeated this night 8 times in 3 weeks.

  • If I were you I would play with your erect nipples and wet p**** looking at his erect c*** then get naked and get into bed beside him and start by stroking his hard c*** before going down on him. Then climb on top of him and f*** him until he shoots all his load inside you.

  • It sounds to me like you both interested in each other. So, i would go into his room get in bed with him and like you said let nature take its course.

  • F*** him, you stupid b****.

  • If I were you I would sit him down and tell him that sleeping in the nude is his business but leaving the door open is causing mixed emotions in you. If you are trying to turn your mom on it is working if not can we please close the door. Because if you keep that door open you are inviting your mom into your room.


  • My grown up son sleeps in underpants and bare chested. I am too get aroused seeing his pink nips and bulge down there. I get tempted to be close with him - licking his nips and stroking his hardness. May be I will do that if he happens catch me watching him bed!!

  • Does a mom gets h**** if she sees son asleep with the p**** out soft
    Or p**** n b**** with soft undies
    Or d*** b**** and b**** naked
    With my c*** ring or no

  • I think your son wants you, and I know you want him too. Next time you see him sleeping with an erection, you need to go into his room and start giving him head. If he doesn't wake up from that, I'd take more of him into your mouth. Whether he wakes up or not, the next step would be to get on top of your son and ride his hard c*** until he blows his load, which might not take long. He'll be ready to go again within minutes and will last longer the second time.

  • I am 20 and have been sleeping nude for years. I don't mind if my mom sees me nude, it's not a big deal.

  • Hope u not that lone to have s** with your son

  • I have a c*** for you mum

  • M********* when’s he’s home and Moab loud.

  • You're the mom, you have every right to suck his big c*** and make love to him and he couldn't be sleeping nude erect with door open if he didn't want to f*** you.

  • So true it's so h**** f****** my mum ,just love filling her full of my c**.

  • If you really want to f*** him, you should dress slutty around the house, and sleep nude..... with your door open.

  • Sick c***

  • My sexy mom sleeps nude and sometimes without even a sheet. I went to her bed on one of those nights and looked over her body well as she slept. I joined her in bed where I fondled her all over. We ended up having passionate s** for most of the night.

  • You should have s** with him. I think its ok.

  • You should have s** with him, its ok.

  • Why don't you lay on your bed naked with the door open sometimes too, see what his reaction is! Or let him see you naked coming out of the shower. I am sure he will get a large erection seeing you. Or be very brash and offer to give him some relief! I am sure you will both enjoy it..

  • This is so amazing. I love it. You should go cuddle him:). So cute.

  • You’re f****** weird.

  • This woman is confessing to incestuous thoughts about her son, yet the moderator censors the word 'h***'! (The irony that the word will again be censored, is not lost on me)

    The worlds gone mad

  • I am a proud mother of a very good looking well endowed son who always goes naked in and around the house outside. Have to admit I do enjoy it and can't stop looking at that huge c*** and b**** of his. I have encouraged him to go naked for all my females friends and their daughters as well. They love to see him naked and told him he must let them enjoy his nakedness which my son does without a problem. As a matter of fact I now take him naked to some of my friend's houses which they just love. My son is now naked almost all the time which is just great and hope it never stops.

  • Have you or your friends ever jerked him off or f***** him?

  • Sounds awesome

  • Yes it is awesome. Its awesome these females want my son naked. Its awesome they never want him to wear clothing. Its awesome all these females get to see my son naked. Its awesome he is okay being naked for them. Its awesome my son excepts going naked. Its awesome he excepts he should be naked for them. Its awesome he has no hang ups always going naked while the females always wear clothing. Its awesome many girls at his school know what he looks like without clothing. Its awesome that when these girls see him at school they think of his naked body and that very huge appendage he has. Its awesome my son understands he should be naked and that it is natural thing for him. Its awesome he goes naked in cold winter weather because my son knows they like it even more. Its awesome I can take him naked to any of my girlfriend's places. Finely, I think its awesome he is naked almost all the time.

  • Just curious.. do you live out in the country or a rural area? It seems like it would be awkward having him walking around naked all the time. Just sayin...

  • Yes we do live out in a rural area. The lots here are large and somewhat private. I do not think it is awkward at all having him always walking around naked. All my female friends like it and most of them let their daughters see him which I think is just great. I am very proud they want my son to be nude and as long as they want him that way that's how he'll be.

  • Thanks for your reply. Are there any other men around? What do they think of your son walking around naked? Also, do the females ever get your son erect? Do they ever touch him?

  • I am now single and not many other men around. The few that have seen and know he is naked for other females just pass it off. They know why women and girls want him naked of course. My son has a well toned body and an extremely huge package. Yes women have seen my son big and erect but not often. I don't know if they have ever touched him but I think some of the girls have. I know one thing they all love to see him fully erect when he is. To me this is normal and it should be. There is nothing wrong with our bodies especially a huge hung good looking male.

  • You are a bunch of sick depraved moms! I would have you naked instead for all the little boys/sons ... nothing wrong with your naked bodies, right? Sick cows! If my mother ever tried this s*** on me... let me just say she will not get a chance to do it again.

  • Suck his c***

  • I am so glad to hear you brought up your well endowed son to be naked for all those females. How many have seen him and does he travel naked in the car when you two visit your friends. I 'm a 45 year old woman that totally agrees with the way you are bringing him up. He must be very handsome and super hung too. Would it be rude to ask how big his appendage is? Keep him naked for all those other moms and daughters.

  • Well, I'm a 25 year old man who totally disagrees with the way you c***s (wish to) bring up your sons. If my mother ever made the same mistake, I would immediately have her naked for all the dads and sons in the neighbourhood... and probably worse.

  • You'd suck that c*** c** s***

  • Thanks for the nice comments. A total of about 22 women and girls have seen him naked which they do often. Yes he travels naked in the van to all my friend's places. They have told me it is much more pleasing knowing he arrives nude without any clothing and must remain that way for the visit. No it is not rude at all to ask his size. I have not measured him of course but can gage it very well. When soft the smallest it is would be a good 7 inches. Have only seen him fully erect when I happened to walk in his room while sleeping. The covers were off and man o man was it ever so massive. It was well over 11 inches maybe close to 12. I do have a couple friends who would be glad to measure him but we will have to see about that. Anyway you can see why my girlfriends and their daughters want to view his nakedness and always want him naked. That's why I encourage my son to go naked so they may enjoy looking at him. I am very proud that my son is welling to be naked for them and how much they want him that way. Yes, yes, I will keep him naked for all those women and girls to look at.

  • I'm just curious, what kind of reaction do you see on the 12 year old girls when they see his11 or 12 inches... I'd think it scares them. What do they say. I'll bet they can't wait to grow up. Wish I had that at 16...h*** wish I had that now.please let me know how their mothers react when their girls see him too.... just curious how my wife would be.

  • They are not scared at all. I would say they are mesmerized seeing it for the first time. He hardly sports 12 inches but still it hangs down at least 7 inches even when cold. Most often it hangs more like 8 to 10 inches down when soft. The girls love to look at it with eyes wide open and their jaws just drop open. Moms sometimes smile while looking at their daughter staring at at his giant gorgeous appendage because they know she is enjoying it as much as they do. Friends, mothers, girls all love to see the way it swings and slaps on his legs making a thick meaty sound with every step. His is just so massive. I think it shows a lot of love the mothers have for their daughters to allow them to enjoy viewing my naked son. There is no way I could tell how your wife would feel. However people shouldn't have to see someone nude if they don't want to. In our case all the females know my son is going to be naked and want him that way.

  • You are pretty young, and you should use him for your pleasure, if he is willing. How old are your friends daughters? I ask because you are so young.

  • I don't know if you meant the reply for me or not. Just incase I am 42 and my son is 16. The women who see him naked range in age from 18 to 60. The daughters are 12 to 18. As his mother I do not think I should use him for my pleasure but would not mind if other females did. Hard for a female to keep her hands off of him being so good looking and extremely well hung. However, am glad he is so all together to let all these females see and enjoy his naked body. Yes it is a thrill for me that they want him naked and that my son is comfortable with that.

  • Do any of your friends or neighbors get naked when they see your son? Is s** involved? What about other men or boys around? What do they think?

  • No. No one gets naked. Only my well endowed son goes naked for all the females which they really get a kick out of it. There is no s** just lots of females getting to look at and enjoy his nakedness. Not many males have seen my son naked but the ones that do are okay with it and may even wish their package was as huge as his. He does help out a neighbor woman in her 50's since she lives by herself. She very much loves having him going naked as he works for her. Would you like to hear the first time she saw my son sun bathing naked in the backyard?

  • You damn twisted b****es. How can you even call yourself a mother? Sh**, I would abandon you after running you naked around the freakin' town. And if anyone even thinks of saying something, how about you having your daughter constantly naked, spread and the object of men/boys fantasy!? Sick f***** cow C**TS!!! There is no way I can let my mother get the chance to do/try something like this with me!! The b**** will go naked instead, and she will be counting sheep for a long long long time...

  • WOW that is huge so I can see why they want him naked. You said 22 females have seen it but do you want more to see him naked and are you planing on doing so in the future? So good to hear he has to travel naked to your friends houses and of course it is more pleasing for them and knowing he must remain naked for the visit. Since your friends want to measure him why don't you let them. I know it is up to you but if you do please tell me his actual size. I would love to know. Yes, yes keep him naked for the women and girls.

  • Hi, I would love for any women or girl to view my naked hung son for their pleasure so there is no limit. So long as they want to of course but have yet to come across any that didn't want him nude. You may like what we are doing this weekend. Normally just us mothers and daughters make a trip up north to hike and see the wonderful fall colors. This time I am bringing my son along and of course he'll have to be naked. He will not be permitted to take any clothing for the trip. He will travel in one of two cars the whole 125 miles there. It is going to be on the chilly side but non to worry as there will be nothing for him to cover up, LOL. WE will be wearing nice warm clothes the whole time but not my son. There are several cottages for rent so I would think some other people may see him as well, LOL.

  • Well that sounds so good for sure. Please tell me about the trip and how your son had to stay naked the whole time. How long did you guys stay at the place and did anyone else see him naked? I totally agree he should make the trip naked with not a single item of clothing. That it is going to be some what chilly makes it even more sexy. What was the temperature?

  • Of course I will. We went up north last weekend but it turned out to be colder then they said it would be but he had nothing to wear so he had to bare it,lol. The warmest it got up to was 50 degrees. We left Friday so it was late when we got there. We split up in two cabins because there was eight of us. The next morning it was only 39 degrees for the first hike. The colors were so beautiful. It was so nice he didn't mind even though my son must have been very cold. We were out doors two hours as well before coming in to eat lunch. The afternoon hike it got up to 48 but that was it. Yes people did see him but the females just loved it. Not so much for the males. We also had something to eat in the break room in a large building. There was a young woman serving us and she seemed to like him naked vey much. She even told him he could cross country sky this winter. I knew then she wanted to see more of my son naked so I said we'll be back. So proud how good my son was to be naked there 125 miles from home with no clothing at all not to mention letting all those females view him the whole time. WE started back home Sunday evening with a temperature of 44 degrees. So wonderful for us women to have him like that in those temperatures. We will be going back.

  • So happy and good for you and your friends. You must have a very understanding son to travel that far and be naked in cold weather the whole weekend. Really good for you, your friends and their daughters. Yes they should always be able to see and enjoy your hung son's nakedness. That's the way it should always be even far from home and in cold temperatures.

  • Thanks for the nice comments about me and my son. Yes, I agree he should always be naked for the ladies even on a cold far from home trip. e are plaining on going back soon. The young woman who works there wants to see him naked again and maybe even cross country skying that way,LOL.

  • Sorry for not getting back sooner. So good that the girl who works there wants to see your son again. She mentioned about him coming back in winter for some naked skying which sounds so hot. For her that is. Are you going to have him sky naked for that young woman? I for one hope it happens.

  • Hi, Sorry for taking so long to get on this site again but finely went up north, 125 miles, for cross country skiing and hiking in the snow. While all the women, two car loads, had lots of clothing my son had nothing. We reminded him how much that young lady wanted him back naked there and to go skiing with her. Of course the females on the trip loved it to. When we first walked into the lodge she was there and very happy to see my naked well endowed son and even more so in winter time. When she wasn't working she went on hikes and also did some cross country skiing with us. So proud of my son for doing that for us and braving the cold, snowy temperatures that were in the upper 20 's and very low 30"s. He was naked for five days which was the whole trip. My son even eat naked in the lodge with us and the girl who worked there. Can't tell you how much fun and pleasing it was for her and the rest of us. We may have to plain on more trips there.

  • ... further, consenting adults sounds good to me.... we need photos!!!

  • Sounds like a very hot scenario! Lucky you! I suspect your son is not always sleeping when you think he is... I wonder ??? How about snapping a photo or two or three or four....? Posting it would help us all better evaluate the situation.

  • If you're lucky enough, to have a hot son in his 20's who sleeps nude, leaves his door open and gets hard-ons in front of his mom. Go lie down next to him and let him cuddle. Then take the next step, wrap your mouth around your son's huge c***. I'm sure that's what he's been waiting for. And invite your ex, your son's father to watch, ultimate turn-on for a dad.

  • Our son is 25 and told us he is in a relationship with a 40 something divorced woman. I think we should persuade him to end it and find someone younger but my wife told me to not even mention it. She says the best s** happens between a young man in his twenties and a mature woman in her forties. I wonder why. I have only had s** with a woman my age, her. I confess it really turns me on the thought of my wife in bed with a friend of our son.

  • My wife liked young boys, and I found it very exciting to watch her with two or three young boys. Almost weekly, she was f****** my sons friends.

  • How young? I regret telling my now ex-wife it would've been wrong for hey to suck or sons c*** in the bath tub when he was a baby. I wonder if I had gone asking with it, if she'd be f****** him now too.

  • That's forbidden in religion.fear GOD

  • I am 36 and my son is 16. There are times he is goofing off with me and either is sitting on my back or wrapped hit arms around me from behind while wrestling. I am pretty sure I have felt him get semi hard when he does that. Then the other night he was pretty sick and I had one hand on his chest to hold him sitting up while he drank water. At one point he moved my hand down on top of the blanket to where he crotch clearly was. He says he doesn’t remember anything from that night. He swears up and down that he is straight, but stuff like this makes me wonder.

  • Massage his taint, slip a finger in his a****** while sucking his d***. Tell him you wouldn't mind if he used your d**** if he ever felt like experimenting.

  • Suck him

  • I am a bisexual guy and this is somewhat exactly the type of thing I used to do when I was younger but with my uncle. Used to sleep over at my grandparents often and always slept in my uncles bed. Always made sure I would shower first before climbing in the bed so that I could lay in the bed before him to make sure I get to watch him came out his bathroom naked. Used to get the hardest erection watching him dry off before putting on his sleep shorts. By the time he got into the bed I was by that time shaking inside from all the emotions and thoughts. He would always get in behind me and I loved that. After a few minutes would always grab his hand to put his arm over me, he would then pull me close to him and I would make sure my bum would be pressing against his crotch. Sometimes he would fall alseep but more often than not I would wait and hope to feel his fingers slowly moving around my stomach and belly button.... I would then pluck up the courage and move his hand down to my d*** and then some of the best moments of my teen years happened after a while to the point it got to oral s** which I will still say today that those were my best sexual experiences ever..... moved far from them and im 22 now but get excited thinking there must be a time in the future we have the opportunity again. We have this thing that we have never acted wierd about it or ever whispered a single word about it ever. We just did what we did and afterwards would act like nothing happened.
    So when you say your son moves your hand to his d***....... I would say Yes - thats his d*** doing the thinking and yes he clearly wants something to transpire from that.
    your choice

  • I'm 35. Mom is 53. We have been naked around each other for as long as I can remember. I'm single. So is mom. So she lives with me. We have s** everyday.

  • My mom, is my mom but no interest other than that. But I think that's great that you and your mom are turned on by each other. That's Hot!!!

  • Hot, do you any pictures??

  • That’s the way I am too

  • I always let my mom touch me wherever she wants when ever she wants I always walk naked around the house I am 17 years old and I love my mom and when she is h**** or I have a b**** we have s** my mom and I have s** 3 time a day and I think that’s nice to help your mom and that she can help Me out to

  • Absolute PISH

  • How did you get her to touch you

  • I used to let my mom see me naked because I knew it gave her pleasure. She loved to give me baths even as an adult. I let her touch anything her heart desires. She still a woman I know she enjoyed it.

  • My son is 24 and comes home time to time. Sleeps nude and never closes his door. I've grown to like seeing him. I know it's wrong but I'm 52 and seeing a young rock hard c*** strut around the house is nice. I've told him I don't mind at all. And get kinda flirty with him. Tskes everything I have not grab it

  • So, grab it. It could lead to amazing s**!

  • Suck him off

  • Why don't you let him see you naked too, see what he does. He may like to feel your b****** or p****. Take a chance and see!

  • Just grab it. I used to let my mom do that.

  • I love incest and have played and f***** 2 of my sexy bbw cousins!!! I really want my mom and wont stop trying till i get her


  • Mom if u need it go for it

  • One easy way to sound him out and see if he's really interested, at minimum risk to yourself: just tell him you've seen him sleeping nude and assure him that your home is his home, too, so he should be comfortable about that. Tell him he can be nude anytime, anywhere he'd like, and that you won't be bothered by it. See how he responds. Then tell him you've thought about being nude at home, as well. Ask if that would make him uncomfortable. If he accepts it, take off your clothes and be nude at home. Probably won't be long after that. Keep the shades drawn or stay away from the windows.

  • It's an outdated taboo. Its original purpose was to prevent procreation between people that would produce birth defects in offspring. With proper birth control and serious discussion to be sure neither of you will be emotionally harmed, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy each other's bodies. Keep it light and fun, because it's necessarily a temporary solution. Ultimately you'll both have to move on at some point, so recognize that up front and stay alert for the time when that will have to happen. Take care not to let your physical relationship show to outsiders, some people won't be able to deal with it and the gossip could be distressing to you. Good luck. Love and enjoy each other.

  • Agree, you should go lay beside him and let nature take its course. It should be relaxing and comforting to both rather than remain tense in the house.

  • When growing up it was just mom and sister. Had no problem being nude in front of them. They would walk around in panties and bras and also sometimes nude. Our house was small with one bath so sometimes we would all join each other in shower

  • Wow a shower with mom and sister? What was it like? Did you touch each other or wash each other. Tell us the difference between nude mom and nude sis... and did you get hard?

  • Oedipus Rex. Nothing more natural and loving. Wear sexy nighties. Come on to him by inviting him to take a bath you or offer him a hot oil full body massage.

  • Damn, keep your panties on, you are acting disgustingly. Really, I can smell you through the computer screen. Of course he wants to f*** you, but pull yourself together and find some d*** that is closer to your age.

  • I have a 15 year old son and tries to see me a lot

  • Let him. Then ask to see him.

  • Let your 15 yr old son see u naked..Do u want your 15 year old sons c***?

  • One night when i was 15 my mom fell asleep on the couch after showering, all she had on was her robe, which at some point she managed to cause to fall open. I bent over and smelled her p***y. i always regretted not going farther

  • You missed your chance there , my mum did the same had a bath and then and then fell asleep watching tele, her dressing gown came open and i saw her great c***, so i stripped off and go on her and slide my eight c*** up her and shagged her, she woke up and pulled me into her as my c*** disappeared up her c*** and we f***** all night and we are still f****** each other and i got her pregnant.

  • Has he seen ur p**** up close

  • So do you let him

  • Clearly this is something you need to talk with your son about.

    He is certainly aware of and enjoying your predicament.

    You should not walk by his bedroom door the next time you see him 'sleeping' with an erection. You should go right in and take control of the situation by grabbing his blanket sheet or anything he could use to cover himself and pulling it off the bed. Make sure you are between him and any escape.

    Then tell him firmly and clearly that he has until the count of 10 to start taking care of his erection himself or you are going to help yourself. Then start stripping off your clothes as you slowly count down from 10.

    If he isn't masturbating by the time you get to zero do it for him. Otherwise let him take care of himself while you take care of yourself.

    I am sure this will lead to further conversation and a resolution to the problem. He is being extremely rude and inconsiderate to not even close the door!

  • Go for it

  • Why don't u just f*** somebody else other than your son b**** if you are short of d**** let me know I will come over and I will hump your brain out

  • Just make some advances too. Wear more revealing clothing, give him sexy looks, and be a little touchy if he seems okay with it. Make sure you use birth control.

  • What is wrong with you retards, this is not okay, it's natural to desire a hard d*** but it's not okay to fulfill those desires if it's your FREAKIN son, anyone who is okay with this has serious issues, also, what of they had a child, mother and grandmother is the same person, REALLY?

  • I wouldnt mind if my mom was my grandmom too, i would still have s** with her

  • Just ride him

  • You see some pictures

  • Me and my mom doit

  • Thats so sexy. If wanted my moms p*ssy for years now, my sister too

  • How old are u and mom did u give her facial yet

  • I do it with my gran, who is 77 next month. She is so tight.

  • Just do it..gran that opportunity

  • Yes most definatly. I can give u a few pointers to know if in fact he is interested. Chat me up

  • Dont do it

  • Do it!!!!!

    I am confessed to my aunt that I cut her grass naked each time she is away on vacation. I wasn't sure if she would react poorly but I didn't care. When I told her she was ok about it and said if I prefer to be naked then feel free to cut grass naked even that day.

    I was quite happy and proceeded to strip naked right in front of her. I drank a bottle of water, then began to cut the grass. When I was finished I sat back and relaxed. She was outside and we began chatting. I started to notice that I was becoming hard. I made reference to my c*** and my aunt said it was completely ok that it was natural. So as we chatted my c*** grew and grew until it flipped up onto to my stomach. As it was flipping up onto my stomach I stopped talking and looked down at my c*** and so did my aunt. She said now I bet that feels better. I was so hard that Precum instantly was dripping.

    Since then it's been years and I have always cut her grass naked. I recently have wanted to take in one step further and either let her catch me stroking my c*** or actually have her stroke it.

  • Why don't you two get to gether and get her to w*** you off

  • Don't blame you there! Go for it! She's probably wanting it too!

  • Go f*** him he may like it

  • I so wanna have s** with my mom, she is such a sexy fox, and i know she would show an amount of love for my sexual desires like no woman before. The s** would be incredible as i would take immense pleasure in pleasuring her soooo much im gonna go rub one out now

  • I'm a mom of an 18 year old son and actually, I can understand. I have seen my sons erection by walking by his room and I'm convinced it is planned. He is really big and I would be less than honest if I didn't admit that I have thought sucking him and more.

  • I lived with my mom for 3 years after my divorce. During that time, i would go naked in the house and sometimes I would sleep with my mom and suck her t***. Finally, she told me I was making her h**** and she wanted me to f*** her whenever we slept together. I did and it grew to us sleeping together every night and f****** every night. Often, when she was getting ready for work and didn't have time to f***, I would just j******* for her which she loved. She's gone now, but she left me a letter and told me she wished we had been f****** ever since she and my dad divorced when I was eight. I do too.

  • Do it swallow or take a facial

  • Please do it!!

  • Mmm do it i know i would relish to make love to my mother

  • Your son or not, it's hard not to notice a nice erection and think about it. My son does the same, sleeps nude and frequently leaves doors open or walks to, from the bathroom. In our case I don't think he has any sexual thoughts about me, he has a serious girl friend, I think it more that he's just very comfortable with nudity. Myself, I'd never consider doing anything sexual with him, but I confess that I do enjoy seeing him nude and I'm pleased that he's confident enough to have a conversation with me while he's in the nude.

  • Does it make you h**** seeing him erect when he is naked? Would you ever go naked too or are not willing to try it? Just curious

  • I too live with my mother and have been enjoying home nudity since my early teens, I'm now 27. Mon does not mind my nudity. She has seen me with erections many times and has even walked in on me when masturbating. Our relationship is not sexual. Of course mom and I have had discussion in the past about my nudity and other naked activities. She has told me that this is my home and she has no issues regarding any of it. Over the years I've come to realize mom actually enjoys my nudity, even seeing me with an erection and the occasional walking in on me while masturbating. I feel very comfortable being nude around mom. Since I know our relationship is non sexual, I have never felt embarrassed with her regarding my nudity or other naked activities.

  • I have lived with my mother all my life except for the time I lived with my girlfriend. I was 20, in college, and still living with my mother when I took up nudism. Ever since I was a little boy, mom would wake me up by pulling the bed covers off me. This really wasn't an issue when I was a boy as at that time I slept in PJs. Mom often saw me in boxers and HS swim team speedos. When I took up nudism I also started sleeping naked. I had to be up by 5 am on school days in order to catch the bus and be at school by 8:30 AM. Mom as always pulled the covers off me to get me up out of bed. Being naked, mom would see me with my usual morning erection. I always pretended to be too sleepy to notice and neither of us ever mentioned it to each other. This went on for several weeks. One day I got up on my own to go to the bathroom. Mom was walking down the hall to get me up as I walked out of my room sporting my usual morning erection. We both stopped dead in our tracks. There was no hiding my erection, it was there pointing straight at her from my thick dark pubic bush. Before I could say anything she said, "I see you're up. Hurry and get cleaned up. I'll have breakfast ready for you." When I sat down at the kitchen table I tried to apologize. She stopped me and said it was OK. She admitted to having seen me with erections every morning and that she understood that boys/men get morning erection and she didn't have any issues with it. That was over 8 years ago. Mom has seen me with erections almost every day since then. When I broke up with my girlfriend and moved back in with my mom, I was pretty used to having s** 2 or more times a day. It was no secret I often masturbated for relief. Mom said she understood and was OK about it, even going as far as to let me know I did not have to leave unless I wanted privacy. Since then mom has seen me masturbating many times. She told me she enjoys watching and is happy I'm comfortable letting her see me m*********.

  • Do you think your mother will ever get to a point that she would go naked as well? Would you like that? Or are you not turned on by this idea? Just wondering

  • I grew up in a nudist home with a mom who was hot and four older sisters and I was hard all the time. it was played with by every female in that household and still to this day. still happens with a couple of my sister's also. but when you're blessed at 12 years old to have something a little larger than your friends do I guess you're bound to get a little more attention than normal especially when your sisters and your mother tell you you're bigger than your father is that's a pretty good complement

  • I was constantly nude around my Mom when I was a teenager. I loved it and so did she!

  • So what happened? Why did you stop?

  • This is how it should be - appreciation of bodily beauty simply for its own sake

  • That's the way it should be every where!

  • Yes!

  • Quite disgusting, I would never marry or share any part of my life with
    a woman who has committed, or is planning mutual incest with her own
    son. Just the thought of them sleeping together in the same bed, or seeing
    each other in the nude is totally offputting, and a terrible betrayal to one's
    sense of human decency. A Son who goes to his Mother's bed even just to sleep only is very offputting to any decent man seriously interested in the
    woman. Been there, got the mental scars about it, and was disgusted with
    the pair of them when I found out about it. I cannot accuse actual incest,
    but it still haunts me terribly, my respect for women seriously diminished.

  • Grow a pair you f***** spineless fairy

  • Clearly! You do realize your in Fantasy Fetish Land? Very few people post questions seeking advice, or statements of that which they desire... to a confession forum. What are the creatures said to gaurd the very bridges they live beneath?? TROLLS, my friend... Trolls!
    If you continue to feed them, they only get stronger, and more annoying!
    Also, your entire reply... wreaks of contempt and jealousy!

    I've never heard or been made aware of a mother who was admittedly considering incestual actions (fantasy or realistically) with her son... Without either the absence of a sexual partner for a considerable amount of time, or in a sexless/very little s** marriage that was probably built on convenience not passion.

    As it read, I assume you had somewhat of a mutual interest in a relationship w the person, and they still were considering incest w/son... or probable actions offending you due to their indecency, or lack of humanity... as you so beautifully put it!
    .... So what does that say about your character, and compassion by way of human societal decency? IMO... you appear more hurt and angry, probably due to confusion towards your own insecurities... which would allow you to be jealous of the son, and hurt/angry w the female for not fitting the mold of a perfect respectable woman to the "T".


    Nutshell... did I crack it?

  • As a son i say do it

  • He is definitely trying to lure you in. No bulls***. I can literally guarantee you that reaching this point is a HUGE sign that he has fantasized about you ALOT. Do it. it would make his dreams come true.

  • It is absolutely ok to fall in love with ur own son. Always remember that both of u r of opposite s** so it is natural to get attracted, whether u accept or not this this is a natural phenomena of almost all living beings on earth

  • Check first if he really would like to be with you. start flirting with him little bit, dress provocative around the house. also if he is nude..then well...why don't you also be nude. most of the sons wants to sleep with there mothers, i know i do. if two adults are willing to commit to incest relationship then definitely go for it.

  • You must be nut to encourage incest. In some countries this act is punishable with death!!!

  • There's nothing wrong with incest i have been f****** my mother and my young sister for some time they both enjoy my c*** i was f****** my sister when my mum walk in and saw us and the next thing i new my mum had stripped off and join in with us and i we had a s** orgy and i f***** them both that was six mouth ago my dad works night so i sleep them both

  • Some countries are stupid

  • I am 16 & very hot over my mom. I got into leaving my door open too. Mom has seen me naked with an erwction like almost every morning for a week. I hear her walk down the hall & close my eyes with a slit open enough to see her. She takes a good long look & smiles so she likes it. I wish I can try seeing her nude. I saw her ass one night when she was on the sofa in a shorty shirt. Her legs were curled up & her ass was showing. That's what got me started.

  • Grow up dont copy paste stories

  • Go for it and keep us posted!

  • Truly a situation of neither of you wanting to make the first move however if you have made up you mind that you want to have your son, make the move. Say something like, "I really have a handsome sexy son. If I were your age I would be making a move on you"!
    Its tough on a formerly married woman to have a man in the house and its not proper to touch,,,tee heee and giggle like a teenage again.
    Let us know how it works.

  • He is clearly doing it on purpose, I know for me it wouldn't be accidental. Go in and stroke him a bit, get comfortable with it. Soon enough you'll regret waiting for so long in making the first move.
    In all likelihood he is more worried about your rejection than you imagine. I had fantasies about my mother for the longest time but nothing happened as I wasn't sure of her desires.

    Your son is extremely lucky to have a great mom like you, making your loving relationship sexual will be the best thing that ever happens to him. Very jealous of your son as there is no relationship more passionate and intense as one between a mother and her son.

  • What you do in the bedroom is nobodys business but your own nobody has the right to tell youwhom you could sleep with as long as no minors are involve sleeep with whom you wish to sleep. Don't let others tell u what's right or what's wrong for you. Like they say to each their own

  • Email me

  • I think its would be great
    Teach him safe s**
    and how to please a real women

  • That's better

  • F*** what the guy said in the last post. Two grown adults can have s**, even if they are mother/son. Make love together. I promise it will be the best thing that ever happened to you. It was for me and my mom.

  • You are right. I had s** with both parents. And my sisters. We were naked around each other all the time and s** was anytime.

  • Wow I can not believe how many f***** up people are on here ..
    Find a f****** man you dumb b**** it's your son !
    Since when did incest become normal ?

  • Since now & who decides which is normal & which isn't you !!!!!!!

  • I strongly agree with you. These s** maniacs are behaving worst than animals. Even animals will not f*** their siblings or parents. These disgusting sh*** have no regard for what that are considered as legal in se***l relationships.

  • You clearly know absolutely nothing about animals, stupid

  • Since around 4000bc actually...has only been looked down on for the last 60 years really

  • Agree completely ..... cheers!!

  • Does not matter how you look at it having s** with anyone can be considered incest

  • I would say to have s** with him. I had s** with my mother when I was 18 and it was so great. We've never been closer than that time. That was 20 years ago and mom is still the best I've ever had.

  • Yes I tell you do it. I fought this for months and one morning made a move that made the two of us much better off. You are both consenting adults. It will work!

  • Do it. There is more than enough crap regarding so called incest. You are consenting, you are adult, you want him. If you want to feel better about it then take him in your mouth first but I guarantee shortly afterwards you will need him inside you. Forget convention. You wont regret it. Trust me. I know.

  • This is your SON(you gave birth to him, seriously)! How can you being horney provide adequate justification for wanting to bang your son? It is so inappropriate and I seriously think there is some psychological problems here (not just you wanting to get some). I think you have to be a mother to him and if you think he is trying to entice you into the sack maybe seek therapy for him and yourself because what you are thinking will destroy your relationship and surely cause mental anguish. Yuck.

  • Oh don't worry about that I sure she can give birth to one more

  • Yep, give that a ride. As suggested above, you need to give him some "accidental" glimpses of the treasure chest and let him make the first move. More than likely he'll be slamming you good real soon.

  • I often fantasize about my wife being naked with my son. He likes to be naked and she does too. They are very affectionate and often caress each other's skin. He is 9 and gets easily titilated. She seems to calm his excitement by rubbing his arm or stroking his hair. I would welcome the sight of them being fully naked, hugging and touching in bed for example....

  • Actually weird that I came across your posting as it is somewhat the same with me. For some time now I have been having thoughts of my son, whom is now 15 getting serial with his mother. We only have 1 son so in our house we usually nude or semi nude wouldn't say nudists as such but would say simply comfortable. Now that my son is growing I secretly become aroused when I see him nude with his mom. Realisation was when we were laying on a mattress in the lounge watching. Movie as usual, my wife's head was on my sons lap on top of the duvet and I was watching his expression while slowing caressing her back. Later the evening we ended up in the kitchen together and she whispered to me in a jokey way that our son had n erection but she didn't want to embarrass him so pretended to ignore it. I in turn said I assumed so but his a boy full of serial desires and jokingly suggested she help him out. She laughed and said as long as daddy is in agreement. From then it's my fantasy I actually do wish comes true

  • Yes that would be awesome. Please let us know when this ever happens.

  • I suppose, you and your wife loved and enjoyed lolling or walking in the nude and the boy grew up accustomed to such an open comfort and ease. I find your wife only reasonable in rubbing his arm and stroking his hair in occasions she finding the boy disturbed or anxious... and it is quite natural, skin to skin warmth do provide a secure and consoling elation.

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