Butt s** with a chicken?

I guess im just gonna start this off with.... my dad owns some chickens, and it started off with the little things, ya know? i started off by massaging their heads and stuff, but then it got real intimate, and i think i killed one of em, i ate it. raw. so anyways back to my story, i grabbed a chicken and cut its head off and used the blood as lube and slipped my weiner in its butt, i cut its head off so it woud thrash around and it would be a challenge for me. i swear the little guy loved it! :) then when its lifeless body was sitting their full of spermagation, i knew i was finished, and i thought to myself, "what have i done!" then 5 minutes later i f***** my dog. god will forgive me. he's kewl.

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  • I doubt any one or god forgive you for this. i think you need locking away from the world in a jail cell alone for a long long long long time! that is so disgusting and disturbing it would terrify me to ever see your face or meet you.

  • Well that is about "out there and worse then wacko"

  • Hope you wore a condom. If not you could get bird flu on your d***. Ever see your d*** sneeze? You will if it gets bird flu.

    P.S. This isn't me talking, but a girl I know who read about you putting the business end of your d*** in a chicken said you must have a tiny wiener for it to fit in a chicken's s*****.

  • Sounds like chicken s*** to me.

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