Rape makes me worry.

I worry that the next person I kiss will taste just like you.
I worry that I'll never be able to connect with anyone.
I worry that I'll never be able to enjoy s**.
I worry that while I'm with him, I'll be thinking of you.
I worry that I'll always be scared to walk through town because you might follow me home.
I worry even if you did, I wouldn't have the courage to call the police.
I worry that if I tell anyone, you'll go to prison.
I worry that if I tell anyone, they'll think it's my fault.
I worry about telling my own mother about what you did.

But I'm terrified I have chlamydia. And because it's been so long since that day, you've taken the ability to have children away from me.

And I'm scared shitless you'll never stop destroying me.

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  • You need to set yourself free...Please tell someone choose someone you trust the most. You will nerver stop worrying until you pluck up the courage and beleive me its the only way to move forward. At least go and get tested you may still have time if you have caught anything dont let him win by taking ! your fetillity. x

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