I am a s** addict

Im a 28 year old male. i had s** with a prostitute for the first time when i was 21. ever since then i can't stop dating hookers. i also have a obesession with hooking up with men at parks and giving b******* and getting them. the first guy i was with made me suck his c*** and then he f***** me. i was also 21. i have been crazy for s** ever since. i wear my Gf (yes i do have a Gf) panties and dress up and invite men over my house for s** when shes not here. i spend hundreds of dollars on hookers, so much that i am in debt to my bank for advancing money for hookers. i dont know how to stop this behavior. i love my gf but i just love s** sooo much. i always play it safe, but condoms aren't 100 percent effective. i've never gotten sick from s** or stds. but also have only been tested once. i dont know whats wrong with me, i can't stop thinking about s**, its always on my mind. i dont know how to stop its really getting in the way of my day to day life now. i look for hookers everyday even when im broke, and im always at parks or online looking for me to hook up with. i just had a guy over and i sucked him off on my couch and swallowed his c**. and i LOVED every minute of it!! what is wrong with me! i have spent up to 150 dollars on ONE h*****!! thats insane! i always feel guilt and shame when i hook up with hookers or other men. yet i cant stop myself from doing this... i just love s** way way tooooo much....

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  • You should get into smoking crack-it makes for great f****** and sucking. Though you'll probably get yourself more into debt!

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