I am such a s**** up!

I am such a s**** up!!! I lack discipline in my life. I lack discipline to study and pass exams, I lack discipline to work out, to focus on my goals. I feel like my life has no direction at all. I have some values and ideas that are important to me, but I don't see what can I do to hold on to them. I don't know how to follow the path I want to be on. My head is always in some clouds, I don't feel the moment, I'm happy in my dreams, but when I wake up from those dreams all I see is an abyss between them and the place I'm standing on. I don't know how to make a "bridge" over that abyss, without discipline, power of will and without a compass. I'm so used to be this way, if I wanna fight it, then I am fighting against years and years of this habit...
What should I do??

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