Crazy s** life

I'm a married 36yo guy who is holding back secerts from his wife,
I like to go out to parks, bushes, beaches and public toilets and have s** with other men i don't know.
I like to get naked and and walk around so they can see me then i let them have their way with me.
I also like to let male dogs have s** with me and c** all over my back and chest and in me.
I like to expose myself to people when i'm driving and they are in buses or cars.
I love to m********* over girls panties i go to op shops and buy used panties young and older girls.
I have had oral s** with my friends daughter who is now 18 about ten years ago when she slept one night.
I like to look at young girls in tight jeans and think how sexy and sweet they are and how they would taste.

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  • Wow. I have not gone that far yet and I am looking at taking the next step. I have considered doing what you have done. I love being naked as well most of the time. I was married 30 years and have children. I also while married, let my wife have a young man. The reason was that I have a tiny d***. The lad had a 8 inch. I saw a Glow on her face I had never seen. I also had lost interest in female s**.I have put myself out for a group of males to use me. I want to please them in anyway. maybe i am a male s***? Hope this all happens to me...

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