Random and True on S** and War

Im a white man in my 30s now. One of my earliest memories is seeing my mom naked and I never forgot it. She covered herself just like those pics of Adam and Eve you see. I made out with my sister when we were teenagers. My father and my grandfather sexually molested me as a child. I had no idea what was going on, never dwelled on it growing up, and I feel no anger or bitterness at all towards them now, I love them still. My family was super Conservative Christian, too. At 29, I ate the p**** and licked ass 69 with a 16 year old girl I met online in a chat room. We were at her house and her dad knocked on her door, ordered her to unlock it. She hid me in the shower. She kept f****** me till she graduated high school, then dumped me. I loved her and still miss her laugh. Oh, I know pretty hot, petite twins who f*** each other but publicly tell guys that is disgusting and gross. I have seen them do it and seen them slap guys for asking for 3somes or joking about them being lesbian. Hypocrites. While on nightwatch in the military, I jacked off right next to guys asleep and no one ever caught me. Special forces vets have told me they killed Iraqi children. They also joke about blowing heads off and watching men beg for their lives. Makes me sick. I don't care if you believe me, just had to vent. I have f***** about 80 women so far in my life and only caught chlymidia once. I almost never wear a condom. I have kissed hundreds of girls. Is the news lying about how easily stds spread, or am I just lucky?

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  • God Bless you, man.

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