I watch p*** all the time im 14 and female i love p*** cuz itsmakes me feel good...i wanna loose my viginity cuz its sounds like s** is awesome plus i watch it and i wet all over my p**** ....idk but im not lez i think but i lovepussy licking videos...am i weird? i <3 c*** and a*** but i love p**** licking and sucking even more! and i have rape fantasies i imagine it would feel soooo good!

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  • Im a year old guy 14 but im not gunna say i want to f*** you but when im out of school alone or whatever i feel the urge to just want to f*** a girl when masturbating But idont want to just og up to a girl and ask for s** maybe get a Boyfriend first and if you guys are going out for awhile he might be insecure to ask you but ask him if he wants to play around or touch or whatever u never know he might just agree!

  • Unless she takes her men up the ass.

  • First of all 60 ur gross. and second s** isnt as good as it is in p***. its different than in the videos. im not gonna tell u not to have s**. My rule of thumb though is unless your willing to be a mother, wait till you are. cause s*** happens no matter how safe you are and the last thing you want is to have a baby at 14. or an abortion cuz they are expensive.

  • I am close to 60 but I have f***** a lot of 14 year olds. I wish you were my neighbor

  • Well im a good looking 18 year old that would love to rape a little 14 year old ;)

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