I am a woman and consider myself to be

I am a woman and consider myself to be totally straight. But sometimes I wish I were a lesbian, because men are pretty gross. My boyfriend and I have been living together for about 10 or 11 months, and I could swear that he is half cave-man! He farts and laughs about it. When he snores he sounds like he's landing air planes. He smokes, which is okay by me because I do also, but he always knocks over ash trays and won't even pick them up. This morning I noticed that on his side of the bed, there's about 10 empty mountain dew bottles and a ton of ashes and cig. butts on our white carpet. If he doesn't have an ashtray near by, instead of getting up and going to find one, he'll thump the ashes in his hand or on his jeans. He chews with his mouth open, and eats so fast that I'd swear he's scared someone's gonna eat his food. He acts like house cleaning is a foreign concept. He works for a towing company, so he doesn't have to get up every morning and go to work. He just gets called when he is needed. I work from 7 to 5. It takes me an hour to get to work. He won't lift a finger the whole time I'm gone. Consequently, I love him to death.

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  • Well........You are the DUMB ASS in this relationship!

    Why would you put up with this neanderthal?

    Quite frankly, women like you are more disgusting than the trash that you complain about! yeah.. yeah. I know... "You love him!'

    Elevate your standards. Or at least get some standards.

  • Men need to be trained just like dogs. Lesson one: rub his nose in the spilled ashtray. . . and so on

  • Inversely, dames need to literally be trained like dogs as well.. Lesson one : when it's time for mating, just turn them over & penetrate them whether they want to or not, etc..

  • he sounds like he's just white trash. That is how trashy people live. Get rid of him. You will end up hating him and yourself for staying with him

  • Dump this blue-collar loser and find yourself a real man.

  • your crazy!!!! your not with a man.....your with a boy! MEN arent like that

  • Thank you...I got a really good laugh out of that.

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