Pregnant S***

I love .... Loved my boyfriend. We were drinking buddies pretty much the entire first 2 years of our relationship. He is AMAZING in bed. I've slept with enough men to honestly know (since I'm not 11-16 like some people on here.) He would do anything and EVERYTHING right. Neither one of us could have s** with condoms, he would get soft and I would go dry so we started using the pull out method. The first time he came in me on purpose I freaked out and cried and went and got Plan B from Planned Parenthood. We had only been together less than a year. The second time he came in me on purpose we were living together and it had been over two years. When he did it he just looked at me and smiled and told me he loved me. So I waited to see if anything would happen. I didn't get pregnant. Thank god! Until this year we have been together 3 years now and I'm pregnant. I don't remember the moment but the doctor said my conception date was my birthday. So I stopped everything. Stopped smoking weed, stopped drinking, stopped being around smoke, everything. Now I'm not his drinking buddy, so he started going without me. After 2 months of this and I'm not really showing except for huge b**** I decide I'm going out. Normally when I went out with him we went to people's houses or restaurants. I went to a bar. I must have forgotten what it was like cause guys were at me left and right! It made me feel so sexy. They wanted to buy me drinks but I told them I was the DD so we would dance. I would give my phone number. Why not? My boyfriend acts like I don't exist anymore, sometimes he would go out droning and not come home. The guys call and I would feel bad an ignore the calls or answer and hang up. Until one guy. He was soooo hot. Fit, tattoos, and sexy. So I met up with him. Even told him I was pregnant. We kissed our first date. I told him everyday until our next date I couldn't wait to suck his d*** and make him c** with my mouth. We went on a couple more dates but the timing or place was never right for me to get what I wanted. Until finally!! 2 months pregnant I couldn't take it anymore. He was kissing my neck and fingering me while I stroked his d***, so I told him to f*** me... And he could c** in me since I was already pregnant. So we f***** in the backseat of his car. Not good. He wasn't very big and after having the GREAT s** with my boyfriend, it was a disappointment. :( never called him back. Next was a guy I worked with. He was too cute and totally not my type. So I wanted to f*** him. He got drunk one night out at a bar, invited me home with him after a night of flirting. He f***** me but it wasn't very good. I think he was too drunk. But we cuddled and slept together. Couple days after that I started texting him I wanted to try again. I wanted to suck his c***. So we would leave on our lunch break and I would give him head. I LOVED sucking his d***. It was the perfect size for my mouth and he would moan and let me put his hand on the back of my head. It was even just big enough to make me gag. So I started asking him everyday if I could give him head. YES!! he would call me after he left the bars and I would go meet him to get him off. AMAZING. But eventually my boyfriend started wanting my attention, and my belly started getting bigger so it was more obvious I was pregnant... So I stopped. For awhile. Now my belly is huge... And my ex keeps calling.... What's next?

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  • Pregnant women are AMAZINGLY sexy... I would love you run my hands all over you and just do anything you wanted. A big preggo belly is just hot, and likely he feels the same. Looking at pregnant women posing (not P***, just their naked figures, is probably the #1 thing in my nude file, and I'm not alone. Hes probably like me...

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