I am p***** that the stamdard of beauty is so narrow.

I hate that anyone without blonde hair and blue eyes can be cast as the "ugly" one in movies and tv shows. the best example i have for this is Glee, which is even sadder because of the young girls that watch it. One of the main characters Rachel is often referred to as ugly or at least not pretty. she is obviously a beautiful woman and to portray her as less because she is brunette or Jewish is just wrong. This same example play out through many big movies where the ugly girl is made into a prom queen. Glasses and a ponytail do not an ugly person make. and we wonder why young girls have low selfesteem and a distorted perception of normal.

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  • People don't refer to Rachel as ugly because she is brunette or jewish or because she's not blonde or has blue eyes. People refer to her as ugly because she is ugly

  • How big are your t***?

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