My cousin is a b****

It happened almost a decade ago, I was set up by my cousin, and I will never forgive her.

So this cousin of mine does not get along with my wife, and whenever she comes there is always some drama. This cousin of mine, is also a big d*** tease. Has huge t***, walks around the house in loose shirt without a bra, showing off her cleavage all the time.

One time when she was visiting, after a night of drinking, me, my 2 year old kid and my cousin ended up sleeping in the same bed. Early in the morning, I could feel her legs against, and I could sense she was awake, and she was rubbing her legs against me. She looked quite h**** as well, so I cupped her ass over the pajamas, and gave a squeeze.

That was it, she threw a fit, accused me of groping, blah, blah, had to fess up to the wife, beg forgiveness and the whole drama. I know damn well, that b**** set me up big time to get back to my wife. And I am such a dope to have fallen for it.

I'll never forgive that b**** for the rest of my life.

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  • rape her and make sure she knows its going to happen again many times for the rest of her life. break her down until she can do nothing without your permission. crush her the way she deserves to be crushed and then kill her and dump her body in a mine shaft that no one will ever see.

  • i would have denied it. said i was sleeping and apologize. must have been dreaming about my wife.

  • That sounds like it was pretty much your fault.

  • Ha! You knew that was coming! You loved every minute of it you filthmonger ;0)

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