Had s** for a promotion

My husband has been working for months to get a promotion at his job. He worked a lot of extra hours, he worked very hard, but his boss just wasn't willing to give him the promotion.

When we were at the summer picnic I ran into the guy, and we started talking, then flirting, then...

We eventually made it to a private area where I gave him a b*******.

The week after the picnic, my husband got the promotion.

I haven't told him that he got the promotion cause I sucked his boss off.

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  • He owes you a steak dinner.

  • U did a good thing, I bet ur husband would love what u did if he knew. Is he into sharing/threesomes/swapping ext.?

  • You are a w****. Next time your husband is up for a promotion his boss will want to get in your p****

  • What ever works

  • I really doubt this is real.. but if it is, you are a piece of s***. I've never met your husband but I'm almost completely certain that he deserves better than you.

  • As a boss who has done the same thing - I will never tell my employee his wife f***/sucked me. Opens me up to all kinds of employee lawsuits etc.. Plus, why ruin a good thing. Have never given promotion or bonus to a guy who didn't deserve it on his own, just let the wife think she sealed the deal. Blow him on a regular basis and make life easier for you and your husband.

  • WRONG ...

    Ok so you gave him a BJ, here's the good and bad about it :

    Good :
    - NOTHING ... why do people say it's JUST a BJ?

    Bad :
    - it's his BOSS, the man he works FOR
    - EVERY time his boss sees him he'll look at him and think back about it 'hey, your wife sucked me off!'
    - imagine your husband finds out ... you think he'll be glad he got that promotion BECAUSE you sucked off his boss?
    - you think he'll be glad you sucked off the man he slaves for pretty much daily, overtime, ... ?
    - you sucked him off! You should suck off your husband more and encourage him to get there by merit!
    - you are now a liar
    - you are now a cheater

    ... you know this list can go on for a while, but you get the point.

  • He got a promotion, great, as long as he does not get an infection. As a man I can truly say I do not need a promotion that badly ever.

  • you should never tell your man. look at the good side:

    - you didn't have intercorse
    - it was just a BJ
    - your man got a promotion

    don't listen to those meanies, you did a weird thing, but the results were good.

    i wonder if giving your male boss s** always gurantees a promotion...

  • Yeah, just think how really great hubby will feel when he finds out that he did NOT get the promotion on his own merit,but a b****** to his boss from his wife sealed the deal!

    Wow, would not want to be in that room.
    Oh, and don't worry, sooner or later the boss will tell him.
    Just a matter of time!

  • hey, at least u didnt fk him

  • You did a wonderful thing. It does show your love for your husband and makes you sound pretty hot.

  • I wish your husband worked for me!. Nothing like a MILF blowing her hubby's boss

  • You might be best not telling him

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