It wasn't really rape

I didnt want to have s** at first but u convincd me and it wuz fun, and it wuznt rape. But after that night, i said it wuz so that i could look cool at school. Im sorry, really, and i want to say it isnt true, but id rather have my dignty than say it wuznt true.

Sep 10, 2011

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  • a girl did somthin similar to this to me. its been proved she was a lying b**** but a lot of people still beleve her and now im branded some evil f****** molester. you are ruining this guys life. please do the right thing and come clean

  • This is the worst thing you could do to him! What the h***??? You're not cool you're a c***!

  • you are a f****** b****...please tell the truth, nobody deserves to be called a rapist you a******!!... how can u live with yourself???

  • Good job at keeping your "dignity" too. That's something both liars and rape victims have in abundance.

  • You know what I take that back. I have dignity and you don't. F*** you, f*** your life, and f*** your whole family for invalidating the horrible thing that happened to me, you stupid dumb f****** c***. F*** you for branding some innocent guy a rapist. F*** you. I hope you actually get raped one day so that your dignity might be spared.

  • Wow. You must be the reason no one believed me when I got raped. Good job!

    I feel bad for your boyfriend, though.

  • It looks cool to say you were raped? Wow, you seriously have nothing going for you in your life do you? Must have some loser ass friends too if they think it's cool to get raped, lol.


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