So she had the baby...a "friend" of

So she had the baby...a "friend" of mine had a baby girl...and I'm having a horrible time feeling happy for her. This "friend" has been so mean to me over the past year that I just have a hard time feeling happy for her. First she was obsessive about getting engaged, then once that happend, she was obsessive about having the most perfect wedding ever...then she had to have the best house...and then of course after I had my child, she had to have one too. She's just such a b****...and I feel horrible for saying it...but I just wish that once she'd have to work hard at something. Everything just comes to her so easily...and i'm just sick of it. I went over in my pregnancy with my child a week...and of course she was bound and determined to have her child early...and of course....she had the baby early (almost too early). The baby was born early so she's in the nicu...and still she thinks the baby is going home with her when she is discharged in a few days. She's just such a b****...and like I said, I feel horrible saying it...but I wish she'd suffer in some way...have to work for something...and have a little piece of h*** in her life so much so that she'd be miserable! I wish she'd get what she deserves (all the times she's been so mean to me and talked about me behind my back)...I wish that instead of everyone paying her a bunch of attention (which is what she always thrives on) that they'd leave her alone...that she'd be lonely. I wish she wouldn't get her way anymore! God, I'm such a horrible person! If feels enlightening to say that though!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Jealous?

  • Thanks so much! That really helped me! It was truly freeing to just voice my frustrations! --I was afraid to tell anyone what I was feeling because i didn't want to look like a horrible person!! So THANK YOU!!! That last comment really helped me! I realize i just need to let them go...and move on with my own life.

  • We have 'couple friends' who are like this. All their years before kids it was 'never never never to kids'. But once 2 of her friends are pregnant, they follow the lead. She gets twins which makes them the stars in the middle ring of the circus. About 8 months after, when all the hubbub dies down, they are ditching the twins with Mom and go out to the bar because she ended up with a better body than before the kids. She flirts openly trying to get drinks from strangers while the husband watches.

    These two used to always look down their nose on anyone who enjoys a bar or party scene. They continually thought they were better than everyone through out all of university.

    She gets transfered from school to school because of her holier than thou attitude (yes, they are both teachers!). I hate how she keeps her friends on 'A list' and 'B list' style of living.

    We stopped associating with her and her husband. (Even though my wife knew them both since they were 6. She saw all the behavior firsthand, and decided we didn't need 'friends' like that.)

  • I agree. If she has bad character, cut her out of your life before you become a vindictive b****, like her.

  • I think that if you feel this way about this woman, you should stop associating with her. You seem very, very jealous and just need to cut ties with her.

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