So Tired of The Bullshit!

Ok so here goes. I"ve been taking alot of loses lately. Now my wife wont f*** me. I know things are bad but no s** is going to FORCE me to cheat. I have.been trying to hold out but baby its almost over. I"ve almost run out of energy. I have so much pressure built up that I am about to bust. I am afraid I ll have to hire a h***** but thats ok because shell keep me from raping someone. I just wish you would give me some head or something because all I really.want is you but its been more than 3 months so whatever. Welp oh well

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  • What is her reason to not having s** with you?
    Why for so long no s**?
    She is obviously selfish, and there must be many things going on she isn't telling you.
    You can't say your wife is your world but then willing to cheat on her, it doesn't go together like this.

  • Yeah she walks all day at work. I understand that and things have been terrible but after all these years I am not so understanding. She is my world and she knows that but I am not j********** or waiting any longer. I hate cheating but she wont let me have a girlfreind or f*** one of her ugly freinds, trust me I asked. So I dont get it. I love her but she wont even give head so I am stuck. I DONT WANT TO DO THIS.......

  • you poor thing. maybe you can have cybersex, tell her about it to p*** her off, make it public on a post?

    i'd vouleenteer.

    if you f*** a woman prettier than you, she'll act mad, but she'll work harder to keep you. REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!

    what's the selfish b**** look like? how old is she?

    you should print out the act to make her extra mad!

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