F*** this s***, man.

I am so f****** aggravated right now, it's not even f****** funny. I am in high school right now, and this s*** is hard. The works great for me, and all. But my best friend f****** left the school and now I'm all alone. I talk to people in the class, yeah. But when it comes to lunch? I'm so alone. :/ It would be different if I were alone as a freshman. That's expected. I'm a sophomore now, and I'm so f****** lonely. I have prediabetes and I know that I'm supposed to eat, but I've been skipping lunch for the past week now. I refuse to sit alone at the lunch table. I'm so f****** lonely man. I hate being alone. I roam the halls for 20 minutes or so, before the bell rings. The security guard f****** hates me, and I hate his ass back so whenever he catches me, I keep thinking I'll get a detention. F*** this s***, man. Plus s**** chaotic at home, and things are just going bad all around. I don't know what to do. I have no one to turn to, because all of my "friends" are friendships on a superficial level. The girl I considered a friend is f****** pregnant and told everyone but me. F*** it. :( I keep thinking all this happy things, but I'm too p***** off to be happy. I f****** hate myself right now. F*** MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • "I am so f****** aggravated right now, it's not even f****** funny."

    tee hee yes it is.

  • dude that sucks, is there anyway you could make new friends, i know at my school it's kind've hard to do that, but at your school maybe you could, either by sitting with some other kids who look lonely, or by joining a club. Just some suggestions. and by the way it sounds, your "friends" aren't your friends. I do know what it's like to lose and best friend and to feel lonely. Whatever you do don't give up.

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